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    • 安捷倫GCMS進樣隔墊

      5188-6479Well Plate Foil Cutter
      5188-6485Syringe,X-type,50 ul, Gas Tight
      5188-6486Loop,5ul,SS,Rheodyne 7996, 600 bar
      5188-6487Loop,10 ul,SS,Rheodyne 7996, 600 bar
      5188-6488Loop,20 ul,SS,Rheodyne 7996, 600 bar
      5188-6489Loop,50 ul,SS,Rheodyne 7996, 600 bar
      5188-6490Loop,100 ul,SS,Rheodyne 7996, 600 bar
      5188-6491Stator,Rheodyne Series 7996,600 bar
      5188-6492RheBuild Kit,Rheodyne 7996,600 bar
      5188-6564ICP-MS stock tuning solution (100 mL)
      5188-6565Nickel Metal Hydride 4.8v battery pack
      5188-6597Replacement Kit Standard WashStation,CTC
      5188-8003Flow cell UV 0.1mm 6.2uL rect ap. 1/pk
      5188-8004Flow cell UV 0.2mm 12uL rect ap. 1/pk
      5188-8005Flow cell UV 0.5mm 31uL rect ap. 1/pk
      5190-0108Electron multiplier for 7700 ICP-MS 1/pk
      5190-0464Syringe, 0.5 uL, RN, 23 g, cone tip
      5190-0465ICPMS tuning solution 10PPM 100 ml
      5190-0479ICP-MS std K 10,000PPM 100mL
      5190-0480ICP-MS std Ca, 10,000PPM 100mL
      5190-0481ICP-MS std Mg 10,000PPM 100mL
      5190-0491Residual Solvent Revised Mthd467 Class2b
      5190-0492Residual Solvent Revised Mthd467 Class2A
      5190-0493Residual Solvent Revised Mthd467 Class C
      5190-0513Residual Solvent Rev Mthd467 Cls2B LOW
      5190-0533pH buffer (4,7,10) 3 x 250mL
      5190-0534pH buffer (4.00, 6.86, 9.18)  3 x 250mL
      5190-0535pH buffer 4.0 3 x 250ml
      5190-0536pH buffer 10 3x250ml
      5190-0537pH buffer 7.0 3x250mL
      5190-0538pH buffer 4.0 3x250mL
      5190-0539pH buffer 6.86 3x250mL
      5190-0540pH bufr 9,18 3x250mL
      5190-0543NH electrode membrane(5 pcs)
      5190-0544Filling solution of Ammonia electrode
      5190-0545pH reference solution 3 x 30mL
      5190-0546Na reference solution 3 x 30mL
      5190-0547Dissolved Oxygen filling solution 3x30ml
      5190-0548DO membrane sleeve(3 pcs)
      5190-058310 Peptide std lyophylized 71 ug in 2mL
      5190-058510 fg/uL OFN GC/MS Checkout std 3 x 1mL
      5190-0917Long-life Deuterium lamp (8-pin) w/RFID
      5190-0924PEEK luer lok needle assembly
      5190-1407Biodiesel MSTFA kit, 10 x 1 ml ampoules
      5190-1408Biodiesel D6584 kit 5 std 2 int std sol.
      5190-1409Biodiesel EN14105 kit, 4 std solutions
      5190-1410Biodiesel Monoglyceride kit, 1 ampoules
      5190-1414ReNEWable Gas Purifier-Return Package
      5190-1426PTV Liner,Sintered Glass, Deactivated
      5190-1437Ferrule, LTM, up to 250um, 0.4mm id 5/PK
      5190-1438Ferrule, LTM, 320um, 0.5mm id 5/PK
      5190-1439Ferrule, LTM, 450/530um, 0.8mm id 5/PK
      5190-1442Precision Tubing Cutter for 1/16 inch SS
      5190-1443QuickPick LC/MS PM Kit
      5190-1457Syringe, 10 ml, PTFE Luer lok p-button
      5190-1460Syringe, 0.5 uL, RN 23 g bevel tip
      5190-1461Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 0.5 ul cone
      5190-1462Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 0.5 ul bevel
      5190-1463Syringe, 1.0 uL, RN, 26 g, cone tip
      5190-1464Syringe, 1.0 uL, RN, 23 g, cone tip
      5190-1465Syringe, 1.0 uL RN 23 g bevel tip
      5190-1466Syringe, 1.0 uL RN 26 g bevel tip
      5190-1467Plunger in Needle kit 26 g 1.0 ul cone
      5190-1468Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 1.0 ul cone
      5190-1469Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 1.0 ul bevel
      5190-1470Plunger in Needle kit 26 g 1.0 ul bevel
      5190-1471Syringe, 2.0 uL RN 23 g cone tip
      5190-1472Syringe, 2.0 u, RN 23 g bevel tip
      5190-1473Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 2 ul cone
      5190-1474Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 2 ul bevel
      5190-1475Syringe, 5.0 uL, RN, 23 g, cone tip
      5190-1476Syringe, 5.0 uL RN 23 g bevel tip
      5190-1477Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 5 ul cone
      5190-1478Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 5 ul bevel
      5190-1479Syringe, 5.0 uL FN 26 g bevel tip
      5190-1480Syringe, 5.0 uL FN LC tip
      5190-1481Syringe, 5.0 uL, RN, 26 g, Sflex
      5190-1482Needle, 5.0 uL 50 mm 26g bevel 3/pk
      5190-1483Syringe, 10.0 uL, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1484Syringe, 10.0 uL, FN, LC tip
      5190-1485Syringe, 10.0 uL, RN, LC tip
      5190-1486Needle, 10 uL 2 in. 22g LC tip 3/pk
      5190-1487Syringe,10.0 uL, FN,26 g bevel tip,10/pk
      5190-1488Syringe,10 uL FN 26 g Sflex bevel
      5190-1489Syringe,10 uL FN 26 g Sflex bevel,6/pk
      5190-1490Syringe, 10.0 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1491Syringe, 10.0 uL, PTFE, RN, bevel tip
      5190-1492Syringe, 10.0 uL PTFE RN LC tip
      5190-1493Syringe, 25.0 uL, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1494Syringe, 25.0 uL, FN, LC tip
      5190-1495Syringe, 25 uL RN bevel tip
      5190-1496Needle, 50 mm 25g bevel tip 3/pk
      5190-1497Syringe, 25 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1498Syringe, 25 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
      5190-1499Syringe, 25 uL, PTFE, RN, LC tip
      5190-1500Syringe, 50.0 uL, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1501Syringe 50.0 uL FN  LC tip
      5190-1502Syringe, 50 uL RN bevel tip
      5190-1503Syringe, 50 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1504Syringe, 50 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
      5190-1505Syringe, 50 uL PTFE RN LC tip
      5190-1506Syringe, 50 uL, PTFE  luer lok push-pull
      5190-1507Syringe, 100 uL, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1508Syringe, 100 uL, FN, LC tip
      5190-1509Syringe, 100 uL, RN, bevel tip
      5190-1510Syringe, 100 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1511Syringe, 100 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
      5190-1512Syringe, 100 uL, PTFE, RN, LC tip
      5190-1513Syringe, 100 uL PTFE luer lok push-pull
      5190-1514Syringe, 250 uL, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1515Syringe, 250 uL, FN, LC tip
      5190-1516Syringe, 250 uL RN bevel tip
      5190-1517Syringe, 250 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1518Syringe, 250 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
      5190-1519Syringe, 250 uL PTFE luer lok push-pull
      5190-1520Syringe, 250 uL PTFE RN LC tip
      5190-1521Syringe, 500 uL, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1522Syringe, 500 uL,FN, LC tip
      5190-1523Syringe, 500 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1524Syringe, 500 uL RN bevel tip
      5190-1525Syringe, 500 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
      5190-1526Syringe, 500 uL PTFE RN LC tip
      5190-1527Syringe, 500 uL PTFE luer lok push-pull
      5190-1528Syringe, 1 mL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1529Syringe, 1 mL PTFE RN bevel tip
      5190-1530Syringe, 1 mL, PTFE,  luer lok push-pull
      5190-1531Syringe, 1 mL, PTFE, luer lok valve p-p
      5190-1532Syringe, 2.5 mL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1533Syringe, 2.5 mL PTFE RN bevel tip
      5190-1534Syringe, 2.5mL, PTFE, luer lok push-pull
      5190-1535Syringe, 2.5mL, PTFE,luer lok valve p-p
      5190-1536Syringe, 5 mL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1537Syringe, 5 mL PTFE RN bevel tip
      5190-1538Needle, 50 mm 23g bevel tip 3/pk
      5190-1539Syringe, 5 mL, PTFE,  luer lok p-button
      5190-1540Syringe, 5 mL, PTFE, luer lok valve p-b
      5190-1541Syringe, 10 mL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
      5190-1542Syringe, 10 mL PTFE RN bevel tip
      5190-1543Syringe, 10 mL, PTFE,luer lok valve p-b
      5190-1544Syringe, 25 mL, PTFE, luer lok p-button
      5190-1545Syringe, 25mL, PTFE,  luer lok valve p-b
      5190-1546Syringe, 50 mL PTFE luer lok p-button
      5190-1547Syringe, 50mL, PTFE,  luer lok valve p-b
      5190-1548Needle, luer lok 23/50 bevel tip 3/pk
      5190-1549Needle, luer lok 23/50/side hole 3/pk
      5190-1550Needle, luer lok 22/51/LC tip 3/pk
      5190-1558Plunger, replacement  PTFE 10 ul FN
      5190-1559Plunger, replacement PTFE 10 ul RN
      5190-1560Plunger, 25 uL PTFE
      5190-1561Plunger, 50 uL, PTFE tip
      5190-1562Plunger, 100 uL PTFE tip
      5190-1563Plunger,  250 uL PTFE tip
      5190-1564Plunger,  500 uL PTFE tip
      5190-1565Plunger,  1 mL PTFE tip
      5190-1571Needle, 2 inch 22 g LC tip 3/pk
      5190-1572Plunger, 2.5 ml PTFE tip
      5190-1573Plunger, 5.0 ml PTFE tip
      5190-1574Plunger, 10 ml PTFE tip
      5190-1575Plunger,  25 ml PTFE Luer lok
      5190-1576Plunger, 25 ml PTFE luer lok valve
      5190-1577Plunger, 50 ml syringe
      5190-1578Power Supply for Low Gas LNC or Crimper
      5190-1581Needle, 50 mm 23 g Bevel tip 3/pk
      5190-1582Needle, 70 mm 23g bevel tip 3/pk
      5190-1584Syringe, 10 ul RN bevel tip
      5190-1599Blue Screw Cap,PTFE/Red Si Septa 1000
      5190-2237Insert and Cap Refill Kit for 96WP
      5190-2240Snap Vial and Cap Convenience Pk 500
      5190-2241Crimp Vial and Cap Convenience Pk 500
      5190-2257HS Crimp Cap PTFE/Si Septa, 10000/pk
      5190-2258HS Crimp Cap Mlded PTFE/Butyl Spta 10000
      5190-2267Snap Cap clr PE w/ clr PTFE/si sep 50000
      5190-2268Liner O-Ring, Non-Stick Flip *00 pk
      5190-2269Liner O-Ring, Non-Stick 100 pk
      5190-2270Liner,splitless,taper,no wool, 100/pk
      5190-2271Liner,splitless,taper,wool, 100/pk
      5190-2272Liner,splitless,2 taper,no wool, 100/pk
      5190-2275Liner,split,low pressure drop 100/pk
      5190-2277MS Analyzed Kit:Clear Screw PTFE/Si 100
      5190-2278MS Analyzed Kit Clr Scrw WriteOn PTFE/Si
      5190-2279MS Analyzed Kit Amb Screw PTFE/Si 100/pk
      5190-2280MS Analyzed Kit Amb Scrw WriteOn PTFE/Si
      5190-2281MS Analyzed Kit Clear Crimp PTFE/Si
      5190-2282MS Analyzed Kit Clr Crmp WriteOn PTFE/Si
      5190-2283MS Analyzed Kit Amb WrtOn Crmp PTFE/Si
      5190-2292Liner, UI,splitless,single taper,no wool
      5190-2293Liner,UI,splitless,sngle taper,glasswool
      5190-2294Liner, UI,split, straight, glass wool
      5190-2295Liner,UI,universal,low pressure drop,GW
      5190-2297Liner, UI 2mm dimpled splitless
      5190-3156Screw Cap Blue PTFE/Silicone Septa
      5190-3157Septa Non-stick BTO  11 mm 400/pk
      5190-3158Septa No-Stick Adv Green  11mm 400/pk
      5190-3162Liner,UI, spltls,sngl tpr,no wool, 5/pk
      5190-3163Liner,UI,splitless,single taper,GW, 5/pk
      5190-3164Liner,UI,split,straight,Glass Wool, 5/pk
      5190-3165Liner,UI,universal,low prss drop,GW,5/pk
      5190-3166Liner,UI, spltls,sngl tpr,no wool,25/pk
      5190-3167Liner,UI,splitless,single taper,GW,25/pk
      5190-3168Liner,UI,split,straight,Glass Wool,25/pk
      5190-3169Liner,UI,universl,low prss drop,GW,25/pk
      5190-3170Liner,UI, spltls,sngl tpr,no wool,100/pk
      5190-3171Liner,UI,splitlss,single taper,GW,100/pk
      5190-3173Liner,UI,universl,low prss drp,GW,100/pk
      5190-3177barcd label +ribbon for 2ml vial 2500/rl
      5190-3178Barcd label & ribbon lowtemp hdsp vial
      5190-3179barcding labl high temp hdsp vial 500/rl
      5190-3180barcoding label only 2ml 2500/roll
      5190-3181barcoding label only headspace 2500/rl
      5190-3182barcoding label only hightemp hdsp 500rl
      5190-3184Barcoding ribbon for headspace vial
      5190-3185Ribbon for barcoding 2ml Vials
      5190-31862ml Crmp Cap PTFE/Silicone 10,000/pk
      5190-3187Vial,MicroV TSProbe,1uL,SLN,100PK
      5190-318811mm electronic crimper w/lithium batt
      5190-318920mm electronic crimper w/lithium batt
      5190-319011mm electronic decapper w/lithium batt
      5190-319120mm electronic decapper w/lithium batt
      5190-3192Replacement lithium ion batt for crimper
      5190-3193Needle/plunger replacemt,0.5ul, 23-26g
      5190-319740mL vial for Archon samplr 6/pk
      5190-319822mm Septa epa lowbleed fr Archon 300/pk
      5190-397622mm Septa epa lowbleed fr Archon 60/pk
      5190-397822mm septa for Archon caps ptfe/sil 72pk
      5190-3983Liner,UI,splitless,dbl-taper,no wool
      5190-3985Needle, replacement  CTC,COC,3/pk
      5190-3986Hdsp scrw cap hightemp septa 100/pk
      5190-3987Hdsp crimp cap high perf septa 100/pk
      5190-3988P3211 pH comb electrode w/fill solution
      5190-3989P3212 pH comb electrode no solution
      5190-3990P3311 pH triode electrd w/refl solution
      5190-3991P3111 pH electrode only
      5190-3992P3213 pH comb electrode refl solution
      5190-3993P3214 pH combination electrode
      5190-3994C5111 Conductivity probe
      5190-3995C5112 Conductivity probe
      5190-3996C5113 Conductivity probe
      5190-3997D6111 DO probe
      5190-3998T7111 ATC probe
      5190-39998211 OPR electrd w/refl sol
      5190-400040mL strg vial kit ambr opn cap 100/pk
      5190-4002I9111 Fl comb ISE wreflsol
      5190-4003R8111 ref electrd w/reflsol
      5190-4004i19121NH4 comb ISE wrefil sol
      5190-4005I9131 Na comb ISE wrefil sol
      5190-4006Liner, Ultra Inert 2mm Dimpled 5/PK
      5190-4007Liner,UI,Splitless,dbl-taper,no wool,5PK
      5190-4047Liner, Ultra Inert,straight 1mm ID
      5190-4048Liner,Ultra Inert,straight 0.75mm ID
      5190-4049Blue scrw cap PTFE Red sil septa 5,000pk
      5190-4050Blue screw cap PTFE/sil/PTFE 5000 pk
      5190-4051Crmp cap 11mm PTFE/S/PTFE septa 5,000pk
      5190-4052Crmp cap 11mm PTFE/S septa 5,000pk
      5190-4053Crmp cap 11mm PTFE/RdRbbr septa 5,000pk
      5190-4054Ferrule, no hole VG-1  short 10/PK
      5190-4061High Power Elec Crimp Tool w/Pow Supply
      5190-406211mm Crimper Jaw Set for HP Elec Crimper
      5190-406311mm Decapper Jaw Set
      5190-406420mm Crimper Jaw Set
      5190-406520mm Decapper Jaw Set
      5190-4066Base for Electronic Crimping Tool
      5190-406720mm HP Crimp Tool and Jaw Sets Bundle
      5190-4073250ul insert, polypropylene w/grad 100pk
      5190-4074Blue crmp cap,PTFE/si/PTFE, 11mm, 1000PK
      5190-4075Red crmp cap, PTFE/si/PTFE, 11mm, 1000PK
      5190-5307Premium Syrng fltr RC 25mm 0.45um 1000pk
      5190-5308Premium Syrng fltr RC 15mm 0.45um 1000pk
      5190-5309Premium Syrng fltr RC 25mm 1000/pk
      5190-5310Premium Syrng fltr RC 15mm 0.2um 1000/pk
      5190-6096Green crmp cap,PTFE/si/PTFE,11mm, 1000PK
      5190-6097LP Clear crimp vial and cap bundle 50000
      5190-6098LP Clr cimp wrt-on vial and cpbndl 50000
      5190-6099LP Amber crimp vial and cap bundle 50000
      5190-6100LP Clear screw vial and cap bundle 50000
      5190-6101LP Clr scrw wrt-on vl and cp bndle 50000
      5190-6102LP Amber screw vial and cap bundle 50000
      5190-6103LP Clr crimp vial and cap bundle 5000
      5190-6104LP Clr crmp wrt-on vial and cap bndl5000
      5190-6105LP Amber crimp vial and cap bundle 5000
      5190-6106LP Clear screw vial and cap bundle 5000
      5190-6107LP Clr scrw wrt-on vial and cap bndl5000
      5190-6108LP Amber screw vial and cap bundle 5000
      5190-6113Amber crimp top Vial write-on 10,000pk
      5190-6114Amber 2mL Screw Top Vial 10,000pk
      5190-6115Amber 2mL Screw Vial w/wrt-on 10,000pk
      5190-61162ml clear wide crimp vial, 10,000pk
      5190-61172ml wide crimp vial write-on 10,000pk
      5190-6118Screw cap vials, clear  10,000pk
      5190-61192ml Screw cap vial clear wrton 10,000pk
      5190-6120Amber crimp top Vial write-on 50,000pk
      5190-6121Amber 2mL Screw Top Vial 50,000pk
      5190-6122Amber 2mL Screw Vial w/wrt-on 50,000pk
      5190-61232ml clear wide crimp vial, 50,000pk
      5190-61242ml wide crimp vial write-on 50,000pk
      5190-6125Screw cap vials, clear  50,000pk
      5190-61262ml Screw cap vial clear wrton 50,000pk
      5190-6127SN-2mL Clr wide crimp vial wrt on 1000pk
      5190-6128SN-2mL Clr crimp/snap vial wrt on 1000pk
      5190-6129SN-2mL clear wide crimp vial, 1000PK
      5190-6130SN-2mL Amb wide crimp Vial wrt on 1000pk
      5190-6131SN-2mL Clear wide screw top vial 1000pk
      5190-6132SN-2mL Ambr wide screw vial wrton 1000pk
      5190-6133SN-2mL Clear wide scrw vial wrton 1000pk
      5190-6134SN-2mL Amber snap write-on 1000pk
      5190-6135SN-2mL Clear wide snap vial 1000pk
      5190-614710ml Headspace vial 100pk
      5190-6151SN 2mL crimp cap rubber septa 100pk
      5190-6168Liner,Ultra Inert,straight 2mm ID
      5190-6169Crimp caps thin membrane septa 25/PK
      5190-6172Red Screw Caps for 40mL Vials 24/pk
      5190-6180MS Analyzed Kit Clear Crimp 1,000pk
      5190-6181MS Analyzed Kit Clr Crmp WriteOn 1,000pk
      5190-6182MS Analyzed Kit Amb WrtOn Crmp 1,000pk
      5190-6183MS Analyzed Kit:Clear Screw 1,000pk
      5190-6184MS Analyzed Kit Clr Scrw WriteOn 1,000pk
      5190-6185MS Analyzed Kit Amb Screw 1,000pk
      5190-6186MS Analyzed Kit Amb Scrw WriteOn 1,000pk
      5190-61891/4 inch Ball Valve
      5190-68902pct Hydrogen in air 17L scotty cylinder
      5190-6949Inert Valco Nut 1/16inch, 10/pk
      5190-6950Inert Valco Ferrule 1/16inch, 10/pk
      5190-6951Inert 1/16 inch tube 0.031 ID x 560 mm
      5190-6952Inert Union SS 1/16 inch
      5190-6953Inert Tee, 1/16 inch SS Tube OD
      5190-6955LP Amber crimp vial and SN septa 5000
      5190-6956LP Clear crimp top vial and SN cap 5000
      5190-6957LP Clr crmp vial w/wrtspt SN septa 5000
      5190-6958LP Clear Screw vial and bonded cap 5000
      5190-6959LP Clr scrw vial w/wrtn bnded septa 5000
      5190-6960LP Amber screw vial and bonded cap 5000
      5610013900Visible source lamp, Cary 4/5/6000i,1/pk
      5610021700Visible source lamp, Cary 100/300,1/pk
      5610100100Aluminium - Al, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610100200Antimony - Sb, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610100300Arsenic - As, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610100390Arsenic-As Coded HC Lamp, Certified 1/pk
      5610100400Barium - Ba, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610100500Beryllium - Be, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610100600Bismuth - Bi, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610100700Boron - B, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610100800Cadmium - Cd, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610100900Caesium - Cs, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610101000Calcium - Ca, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610101200Chromium - Cr, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610101300Cobalt - Co, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610101400Copper - Cu, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610101490Copper-Cu, Coded HC Lamp, Certified 1/pk
      5610101500Dysprosium - Dy, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610101600Erbium - Er, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610101700Europium - Eu, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610101800Gadolinium - Gd, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610101900Gallium - Ga, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610102000Germanium - Ge, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610102100Gold - Au, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610102190Gold - Au, Coded HC Lamp, Certified 1/pk
      5610102200Hafnium - Hf, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610102300Holmium - Ho, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610102500Indium - In, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610102600Iridium - Ir, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610102700Iron - Fe, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610102800Lanthanum - La, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610102900Lead - Pb, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103000Lithium - Li, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103100Lutetium - Lu, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103200Magnesium  - Mg, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103300Manganese - Mn, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103400Mercury - Hg, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103500Molybdenum - Mo, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103600Neodymium - Nd, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103700Nickel - Ni, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103800Niobium - Nb, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610103900Osmium - Os, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104000Palladium - Pd, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104100Platinum - Pt, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104200Potassium - K, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104300Praseodymium - Pr, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104400Rhenium - Re, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104500Rhodium - Rh, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104600Rubidium - Rb, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104700Ruthenium - Ru, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104800Samarium - Sm, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610104900Scandium - Sc, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610105000Selenium - Se, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610105100Silicon - Si, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610105200Silver - Ag, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610105300Sodium - Na, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610105400Strontium - Sr, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610105500Tantalum - Ta, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610105600lurium - Te, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610105700Terbium - Tb, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610105800Thallium - Tl, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610106000Thulium - Tm, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610106100Tin - Sn, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610106200Titanium - Ti, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610106300Tungsten - W, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610106500Vanadium - V, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610106600Ytterbium - Yb, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610106700Yttrium - Y, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610106800Zinc - Zn, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610106900Zirconium - Zr, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610107000Na - K, Coded HC Lamp 1/pk
      5610107090Na - K Coded HC Lamp, Certified, 1/pk
      5610107100Ca - Mg, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610107600Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Mn-Ni, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610107700Phosphorus - P, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108000Antimony - Sb Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108100Arsenic - As, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108200Lead - Pb, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108300Selenium - Se Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108400Thallium - Tl Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108500Nickel - Ni, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108600Iron - Fe, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108700Ag - Cd - Pb - Zn, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108800Al - Ca - Mg, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610108900Ag-Cd-Pb-Zn Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610109000Gold - Au, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610109100Copper - Cu, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610109500Ag-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610109600Cu - Fe - Mn - Zn, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610109700Cu - Fe - Si - Zn, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610109800Co - Mo - Pb - Zn, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610119200Copper - Zinc Cu-Zn, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122000Aluminium - Al, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122100Antimony - Sb, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122200Arsenic - As, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122300Barium - Ba, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122400Beryllium - Be, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122500Bismuth - Bi, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122600Boron - B, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122700Cadmium - Cd, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122800Caesium - Cs, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610122900Calcium - Ca, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610123100Chromium - Cr, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610123200Cobalt - Co, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610123300Copper - Cu, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610123400Dysprosium - Dy, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610123500Erbium - Er, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610123600Europium - Eu, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610123700Gadolinium - Gd, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610123800Gallium - Ga, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610123900Germanium - Ge, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610124000Gold - Au, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610124100Hafnium - Hf, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610124200Holmium - Ho, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610124400Indium - In, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610124500Iridium - Ir, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610124600Iron - Fe, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610124700Lanthanum - La, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610124800Lead - Pb, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610124900Lithium - Li, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125000Lutetium - Lu, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125100Magnesium  - Mg, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125200Manganese - Mn, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125300Mercury - Hg, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125400Molybdenum - Mo, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125500Neodymium - Nd, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125600Nickel - Ni, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125700Niobium - Nb, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125800Osmium - Os, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610125900Palladium - Pd, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126000Phosphorus - P, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126100Platinum - Pt, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126200Potassium - K, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126300Praseodymium - Pr, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126400Rhenium - Re, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126500Rhodium - Rh, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126600Rubidium - Rb, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126700Ruthenium - Ru, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126800Samarium - Sm, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610126900Scandium - Sc, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610127000Selenium - Se, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610127100Silicon - Si, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610127200Silver - Ag, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610127300Sodium - Na, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610127400Strontium - Sr, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610127500Tantalum - Ta, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610127600lurium - Te, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610127700Terbium - Tb, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610127800Thallium - Tl, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610128000Thulium - Tm, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610128100Tin - Sn, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610128200Titanium - Ti, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610128300Tungsten - W, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610128500Vanadium - V, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610128600Ytterbium - Yb, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610128700Yttrium - Y, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610128800Zinc - Zn, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610128900Zirconium - Zr, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610129000Na - K, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610129100Ca - Mg, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610129200Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Mn-Ni, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610129300Cu - Zn, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610133400Silicon - Si, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610133500Ba - Cr Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610133600Al-Ca-Mg, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610133700Manganese-Mn, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610133900Tin - Sn, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610134000lurium-Te, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610134100Cobalt - Co, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610134200Bismuth - Bi, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610134300Germanium-Ge, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610134500Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Mn-Ni Coded UltrAA Lamp 1/pk
      5610134600Cu - Zn, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610134900Ag-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni Coded UltrAA HC Lamp 1/pk
      5610135000Cu-Fe-Mn-Zn, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610135100Cu-Fe-Si-Zn, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610135200Co-Mo-Pb-Zn, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610135300As-Cu-Fe, Uncoded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610135400Ni - Se, Uncoded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610135500Low UV source lamp for Cary 400, 1/pk
      5610135700Boron - B, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610135800Palladium-Pd, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610135900Platinum-Pt, Coded UltrAA HC Lamp, 1/pk
      5610136300Mercury lamp for Cary 4/5/600i, 1/pk
      5610136500Lamp,.miniquartz halogen 325/335,1/pk
      5610138090Long-life Xenon Lamp
      5610138190Standard Xenon Lamp
      5618000100Deuterium UV source lamp, 1/pk Cary 2000
      590-3003Window etching tool, 3/PK
      590-4000CE,uPAGE 3+5OligoStd,50uL(3)
      590-4001CE,uPAGE 3+5 Buffer,237ml(4)
      590-4005CE,uPAGE 10pct Buffer,237ml(4)
      5958-9441+Labels, bar code, 1001 to 2000  1000/PK
      5958-9442Labels, bar code, 2001 to 3000  1000/PK
      5958-9443Labels, bar code, 3001 to 4000  1000/PK
      5958-9444Labels, bar code, 4001 to 5000  1000/PK
      5958-9445Labels, bar code, 5001 to 6000  1000/PK
      5958-9450Labels, bar code  1000/PK
      6040-0468Lubricant, oil  .25 LT
      6040-0798Rough Pump Fluid, 1Gal., Inland 45
      6040-0809Santovac 5P Ultra  18.5ml
      6040-0819Vacuum pump fluid 128ml
      6040-0834Vacuum pump fluid
      6040-1361Oil for Vacuum-Pumps 1-Liter-bottle Petr
      66000104002mL Scrw TopClr Gls Std Opng Vial 144/pk
      660-0016A/C Adapter, 2.5mm Adapter
      660-0017XFormer, 100-240V, 5V Reg (NoCord)
      6610000800Rectangular cell UV 10mm 3.5mL open 2/pk
      6610000900Fluorescence cell UV 10mm 3.5mL open 2/p
      6610001100Rectangular cell UV 10mm 3.5mL stop 2/pk
      6610001200Fluorescence cell UV 10mm 3.5mL stop 2/p
      6610001800Semi-micro rect cell, UV 10mm 1.4mL 1/pk
      6610002200Cylindrical cell UV 50mm 14.1mL 2 port
      6610002300Cylindrical cell UV 100mm 28.2mL 2 port
      6610006400Rinse bottle, 500 mL, PSD-95/96, 1/pk
      6610008200Glass beakers 25 mL, bulk std, PSD, 5/pk
      6610008500Reagent bottle+cap 1.8mm hole, VGA, 1/pk
      6610008800Rectangular cell OG 10 mm 3.5mL open 2/p
      6610008900Micro flow cell, quartz 10 mm 70uL, 1/pk
      6610010000Flow cell, quartz 50 mm 1.05 mL, 1/pk
      6610010100Flow cell, quartz 100 mm 2.1 mL, 1/pk
      6610010300Fluorescence reference material set of 6
      6610010400Sub-micro cell, quartz 10 mm 50 uL. 1/pk
      6610011000Funnel, medium plastic, Temp Controller
      6610012000Drain vessel psd 100, 1/pk
      6610012100Rinse bottle 1000 mL. For PSD-97/100/120
      6610012600Micro flow cell, quartz 10mm 450uL, 1/pk
      6610012700Semi-micro rect cell, UV 10mm 900uL 2/pk
      6610013700Ultra-micro cell quartz 10 mm 5 uL, 1/pk
      6610013800Ultra-micro cell quartz 10 mm 10 uL 1/pk
      6610014000Variable pathlength cell holder, 1/pk
      6610014100Dissolution flow cell UV 1mm 72uL, 1/pk
      6610014200Dissolution flow cell UV 2mm 290uL, 1/pk
      6610014600Diluent bottle, 1 L for SIPS. 1/pk
      6610014900Micro cell rect quartz 10 mm 80 uL 2/pk
      6610015200Dissolution flow cell UV 10mm 420uL 1/pk
      6610015400Semi-micro rect cell, UV 10mm 1.3mL 1/pk
      6610016000Rectangular cell UV 100mm 35mL open 1/pk
      6610016100Rectangular cell UV 50mm 17.5mL open 1/p
      6610016200Rectangular cell UV 20 mm 7 mL open 1/pk
      6610016300Rectangular cell OG 100mm 35mL open 1/pk
      6610016400Rectangular cell OG 50mm 17.5mL open 1/p
      6610018700Micro cell disposable 10mm 1.5mL 500/pk
      6610018800Rect cell disposable 10mm 3.5mL 500/pk
      6610018900Magnetic stirrer bars 7 x 2mm, 10/pk
      6610019500Micro cell rect quartz 10 mm 40 uL 1/pk
      6610019600Micro cell rect quartz 1mm 90 uL 2/pk
      6610019700Micro cell rect quartz 2mm 180 uL 2/pk
      6610019800Micro cell rect quartz 5mm 450 uL 2/pk
      6610019900Flow cell quartz 1 mm 113 uL, 1/pk
      6610020000Flow cell quartz 2 mm 227 uL, 1/pk
      6610020100Flow cell quartz 5 mm 568 uL, 1/pk
      6610020200Flow cell quartz 10 mm 715 uL, 1/pk
      661002030018 CELL DUAL PATH TUBING KIT
      6610020600Dissolution tubing spares kit Cary 1/300
      6610021100Micro cell rect quartz 10mm 135 uL 1/pk
      6610021200Cell fluor, triangular 10mm, 1.7mL. 1/pk
      6610021300Microcell triangular 10mm 1.7mL open 1/p
      6610021400Rect cell fluor anaerobic, 10mm 3mL 1/pk
      6610021500Cell fluor, rectangular 10mm, 400uL 1/pk
      6610021600Cell fluor, rectangular 10mm, 40uL 1/pk
      6610021700Rhodamine B soln in triangular cell, 1/p
      6610021800Water filled fluor cell sealed, 1/pk
      6610021900Rhodamine B in PMMA block, 1/pk
      6610022100Certified Std, holmium perchlorate, 1/pk
      6610022200Europium III in pmma block, 1/pk
      6610022300Microplate 96 well white untreated 10/pk
      6610022400Microplate 96 well white, hi-bind 10/pk
      6610022500Microplate 96 well black, hi-bind 10/pk
      6610022600Microplate 384 well white, hi-bind 10/pk
      6610022700Microplate 384 well black, hi-bind 10/pk
      6610022800Microplate 96 well white, hi-bind 100/pk
      6610022900Microplate 96 well black, hi-bind 100/pk
      6610023100Microplate 384 well black, hi-bind 50/pk
      6610023500Cell fluor, rectangular, 10mm, 3mL 1/pk
      6610025900Vials, polyethylene, 1.1 mL, 2000/pk
      6610030000Bottle ICP-OES Wavecal conc 500mL 50 ppm
      6610030100Bottle ICP-OES Wavecal soln 500mL 5 ppm
      6610030200Bottle ICP-OES Cal Mix Org. 100mL 500ppm
      6610030400Bottle ICP Internal Std Mix 125mL 100ppm
      6610030500Bottle Cal Mix 125mL 100 ppm Sb/Mo/Sn/Tl
      6610030600Bottle Cal Mix 2, 125mL 100ppm multi-el
      6610030700Bottle Calib. Mix 125mL 500 ppm Majors
      6618000100Rectangular cell NIR 10mm 3.5mL open 1/p
      6618000600Cylindrical cell UV 10mm 2.8mL 1 port
      680-0065Connector-male DB25 greater than female9
      6810008600Filter gas charcoal  13x - small
      6810008900Filter, sintered metal O9 x 6, grade 2
      6810009400Drain Valve Assy
      6810010000ICP-OES Gas Filter, Charcoal/13X
      690-0002Battery Pack 3.6 V; Nicad
      6910000100O-ring screw bead adjuster, nitrile
      6910009700O-ring 1/32in id x 3/32in od x 1/32 in
      6910013100O-ring burner base, Fluorinated. 1/pk
      6910036800O-ring spray chamber Mark 7 Perflour 1/p
      6910036900O-ring screw bead adjuster, organic solv
      6910037000O-ring spray chamber Mark 7 Nitrile
      6910049400Seal, Packing 1 (8851102)
      6910049500Seal, Packing 2 (8851206)
      700-0013-50Tubing, SS, 1/16in X. 030 ID, 50ft Roll
      701-0006Pipet Bulb, Latex, Flowmeter
      701-0016Tubing, C-Flex, .12 ID x.25 OD
      705-0825Glass Union,Universal, 2-Way (25)
      705-0903F.S. Splitter, Universal, 3-Way
      705-0905F.S. Union, Universal, 2-Way (5)
      705-0925F.S. Union, Universal, 2-Way (25)
      707-0027Mirror, Dental
      7157-0210Stainless Steel Tubing, 1/8 in, 20ft
      7200008400Extraction tool,1/pk
      7210001600Screwdriver 4 mm Dia x 75 Lg, 1/pk
      7210020700Torch align tool, radial ICP-OES, 1/pk
      7210020800Driver ball, 3 mm, c/w handle, 1/pk
      7210021500TOOL ADJUSTER - VASRA
      7210024300Tool, Spintite nut driver 5.5mm AF, 1/pk
      7210027600Nebulizer capillary extract tool, 1/pk
      7210027700Venturi extraction tool Mark 7 s/c, 1/pk
      7210027900Screw driver, pozidrive 38mm, 1/pk
      7210034200Graphite tube alignment tool, 1/pk
      7418000400Magnetic stirrer bar PTFE star type 1/pk
      7910034500Replaceable probe tip Torlon 40 mm, 1/pk
      7910034600Replaceable probe tip Torlon 20 mm, 1/pk
      7910036900Spectralon 1.25 in 99pct reflect std 1/p
      7910037000Powder cell holder set for DRA-CA-30
      7910037100DRA-CA-30 10mm cuvette holder trans port
      7910037200DRA-CA-30 10mm cuvette holder refl. port
      7910037300Variable angle sample holder, jaw syle
      7910037400Variable angle sample holder, clip style
      7910037500Variable angle cuvette holder, DRA-CA-30
      7910037600Calibrated Spectralon r,g,y,b color stds
      7910037700Spectralon 2 in 99pct reflect std, 1/pk
      7910038300External mount cuvette holder, Ext. DRA
      7910038700Center mount cuvette holder, Ext. DRA
      7910038900Calibrated specular reflectance std 1/p
      7910047200Small spot kit, Ext. DRA
      7910047400Variable angle trans. holder, Ext. DRA
      7910047500Center mount holder jaw style, Ext. DRA
      7910047600Center mount holder clip style, Ext. DRA
      7910047700Powder cell holder set, Ext. DRA
      7910052800Glass transfer tube, 208 L incl. clip
      7910059390Xenon/FL Lamp Assembly 8902704
      79880-60002Deuterium lamp/filter photo. detector
      79883-60002D2 LAMP(K9360GW)
      8001-0004Syringe 10ul RN 23/42/cone SHM
      8001-0005Needle 23/42/cone 2 pk SHM
      8001-0006Syringe 10ul RN 26/42/cone SHM
      8001-0007Needle 26/42/cone 2 pk SHM
      8001-0010Syringe 5ul RN 23/42/cone SHM
      8001-0011Needle 5ul 23/42/cone 8001-0010 2pk SHM
      8001-0012Syringe 50ul RN 23/42/cone SHM
      8001-0013Syringe 250ul RN 23/42/cone SHM
      8001-0014Needle 25-500uL 23/42/cone  2pk SHM
      8001-0101Liner straight 2.6mm 5 pk SHM
      8001-0102Liner direct 530ID column 2.6mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0103Liner straight 3.4mm 5 pk SHM
      8001-0104Liner single taper 3.4mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0105Liner mid-gooseneck 3.4mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0106Liner split mid restrict 3.5mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0151Liner UI straight 2.6mm 5 pk SHM
      8001-0152Liner UI direct 530ID col 2.6mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0153Liner UI straight 3.4mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0154Liner UI sngle tapr 3.4mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0155Liner UI mid-gooseneck 3.4mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0156Liner UI split mid restrct 3.5mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0157Liner UI split restrict wl 3.5mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0158Liner UI spltls tpr top hl 3.5mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0159Liner UI spltls tpr btm hl 3.5mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0160Liner UI spltls sng tpr wl 3.5mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0162Liner UI SPME P+T strght 0.75mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0163Liner UI PTV straight 1.25mm 5pk SHM
      8001-0201Liner O-ring FKM 10pk SHM
      8001-0202Liner O-ring graphite split 10pk SHM
      8001-0203Liner O-ring graphite splitless 10pk SHM
      8001-0211Ferrule 0.4mm Graphite 0.25 col 10pk SHM
      8001-0212Ferrule 0.5mm Graphite 0.32 col 10pk SHM
      8001-0213Ferrule 0.8mm Graphite 0.53 col 10pk SHM
      8001-0214Ferrule 5mm Graphite packed col 10pk SHM
      8001-0221Ferrule 0.4mm G/V 0.25 col GCMS 10pk SHM
      8001-0222Ferrule 0.5mm G/V 0.32 col 10pk GCMS SHM
      8001-0223Ferrule 0.8mm G/V 0.53 col 10pk GCMS SHM
      8001-0224Ferrule 0.3mm G/V 0.18 col 10pk GCMS SHM
      8001-0311Column nut slotted 6-sided, 2pk SHM
      8001-0312Column nut no-slot 6-sided 2pk SHM
      8001-0401Syringe 500uL PTFE Chem 1pk SHM
      8001-0402Syringe 2.5mL PTFE Chem 1pk SHM
      8001-0403Plunger 500uL 8001-0401 1pk SHM
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