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    • 安捷倫20ml頂空瓶蓋/墊片

      5061-3398Flow cell UV 10mm 390uL rect. ap. 1/pk
      5061-5804Connecting ferrules 0.2mm-0.53mm  2/PK
      5061-5805Connecting ferrules 0.32mm-0.32mm  2/PK
      5061-5806Connecting ferrules 0.32mm-0.53mm  2/PK
      5061-5867FPD O-ring  12/PK
      5061-5869Washers .375 od  12/PK
      5061-5870Washers, flat  6/PK
      5061-5871Washers, curved spring 12/PK MSD 5970
      5061-5886Inner window o-ring  12/PK
      5061-5890O-Ring 12/PK, Fluoroelastomer, 1.239"ID
      5061-5891Outer window o-ring  12/PK
      5061-5896Abrasive sheets 5/PK ALO2 Lapping paper
      5062-24181/16in Fittings and Ferrules,  10/Pk
      5062-2419PTFE tubing 2 x 3mm, 5m
      5062-2461Helium tubing, 5m  PTFE 0.057in id
      5062-2462PTFE tubing 0.7 mm id, 1.6 mm od, 5m
      5062-2463Corrugated tubing,PP,6.5mm id, 5m
      5062-2476Flow cell UV 10mm 160uL rect. ap. 1/pk
      5062-2477Rectangular cell UV 10mm 3.5mL s*/pk
      5062-2483Solvent tubing, 5m, 1.5mm id, 3mm od
      5062-2496Ultra-micro rect cell, UV 10mm 70uL 1/pk
      5062-2497Ultra-micro rect cell, UV 2mm 20uL 1/pk
      5062-3506Ferrule, 0.5mm VG cond .32 col lng 10/PK
      5062-3507Ferrule, 0.3mm VG cond 0.1 col lng 10/PK
      5062-3508Ferrule, 0.4mm VG cond .25 col lng 10/PK
      5062-3511Ferrule, 0.8mm  Vespel 0.53 col 10/PK
      5062-3512Ferrule, 0.8mm VG 0.45-0.53 col 10/PK
      5062-3513Ferrule, 0.5mm Vespel 0.32 col 10/PK
      5062-3514Ferrule, 0.5mm VG 0.32 col 10/PK
      5062-3515Ferrule, 0.4mm Vespel 0.2 col  10/PK
      5062-3516Ferrule, 0.4mm VG 0.2 col  10/PK
      5062-3518Ferrule, 0.3mm VG 0.1 col 10/PK
      5062-3525Column nut, Graphpack  for CIS
      5062-3538Ferrule, 0.8mm VG cond .53 col lng 10/PK
      5062-3550Press-Fit connectors 0.32mm to 0.25mm
      5062-3551Press-Fit connectors 0.53mm to 0.25mm
      5062-3552Press-Fit connector 0.1mm to 0.32mm
      5062-3553Press-Fit connector 0.1mm to 0.25mm
      5062-3554Press-Fit connector 0.32mm to 0.25mm
      5062-3555Press-Fit connector 0.53mm to 0.25mm
      5062-3556Press-Fit connector 0.25mm to 0.25mm
      5062-3561Z-Fold paper 3396
      5062-3580Ferrule, 0.4mm VG 2hole 0.25 col 10/PK
      5062-3581Ferrule, 0.5mm VG 2hole 0.32 col  10/PK
      5062-8517Frit adapter, 3mm  4/PK
      5062-8518Male Nuts, 4PK
      5062-8519Ferrules  8/PK
      5062-8541Fingertight fittings, long 1/16 in 10/PK
      5062-857150mm Phosphate buffer, ph2.5, 250ml
      5062-857250mm Phosphate buffer ph7, 250ml
      5062-857350mm Borate buffer, ph9.3, 250ml
      5062-857450mm Bor. buffer, ph9.3+100mm SDS, 250ml
      5062-8575250ml 0.1N NaoH Solution
      5062-8576250ml 1N NaoH Solution
      5062-8577250ml 0.1N Phosphoric Acid Solution
      5062-8578500ml Ultra pure water for CE
      5062-95086 Port valve, 225 Degrees C Max Temp
      5062-95096 port valve, Hasoy C
      5062-951010 Port valve, 225 degrees C max temp
      5062-951110 Port valve, max. temp. 225 degrees C
      5063-6502Manual Injection Valve for G1328A
      5063-6510Organic acid kit for CE
      5063-6511Inorganic anion kit for CE
      5063-6512CEC capillary C18, 3um, 100um/25cm 2PK
      5063-6513CEC capillary C18, 3um, 100um/40cm 2/PK
      5063-6531Bottle cap with 3-hole insert
      5063-6535CEC Cap HypC8 3um,100um/25cm 2/PK
      5063-6536CEC Cap.HYP.Phenyl,3um,100um/25cm 2/PK
      5063-6537CEC Cap.Hyp.C18,3um,100um/25cm, 2/PK
      5063-6540CEC Cap.Hyp.C8,3um,100um,40cm  2/PK
      5063-6541CEC Cap.Hyp.Phenyl,3um,100um/40cm 2/PK
      5063-6542CEC Cap.Hyp.C18,3um,100um/40cm 2/PK
      5063-6544CEC HypPheny 100um 40cm 2/PK
      5063-6546Rectangular cell OG 1mm 350uL open. 1/pk
      5063-6547Rectangular cell OG 2mm 700uL open. 1/pk
      5063-6548Rectangular cell OG 5mm 1.8mL open. 1/pk
      5063-6549Rectangular cell OG 10mm 3.5mL open. 1/p
      5063-6550Rectangular cell OG 10mm 3.5mL open. 2/p
      5063-6551Rectangular cell OG 20mm 7mL open. 1/pk
      5063-6552Rectangular cell OG 50mm 17.5mL open 1/p
      5063-6553Rectangular cell UV 20mm 7mL open. 1/pk
      5063-6554Rectangular cell UV 50mm 17.5mL open 1/p
      5063-6556Rectangular cell OG 10mm 3.5mL stop. 1/p
      5063-6557Rectangular cell UV 5mm 1.7mL stop. 1/pk
      5063-6558Semi-micro cell OG 10mm 1mL open 1/pk
      5063-6559Semi-micro cell UV 10mm 1mL open 1/pk
      5063-6560Semi-micro cell OG 10mm 1mL stop. 1/pk
      5063-6561Semi-micro cell UV 10mm 1mL stop. 1/pk
      5063-6562Ultra-micro cell UV 0.1mm 0.5uL rect ap.
      5063-6563Ultra-micro cell UV 1mm 5uL rect ap. 1/p
      5063-6564Ultra-micro cell UV 5mm 2.5uL round 1/p
      5063-6565Ultra-micro cell UV 10mm 5uL round 1/pk
      5063-6566Cylindrical cell OG 100 mm 28 mL 2 port
      5063-6570Flow cell quartz 1mm 40uL oval ap. 1/pk
      5063-6571Flow cell quartz 2mm 80uL oval ap. 1/pk
      5063-6572Flow cell quartz 5mm 200uL oval ap. 1/pk
      5063-6573Flow cell quartz 10mm 430uL oval ap. 1/p
      5063-65758-port valve for 8453 UV dissolution sys
      5063-6577Tray for 16 Spectrophotometer cells
      5063-6591PEEK finger-tight 1/16 in, 10PK
      5063-65921/32" Ferrule and SS lock ring, 10/PK
      5063-6593Fitting male, 1/16in, 4mm, SS, 10/pk
      5063-6598Tefzel ferrules/SS rings, 1/8 in  10/PK
      5063-6599PPS nuts, 1/8 in, 1/4-28 thread  10/PK
      5064-8014Peri pump tube Tygon 3-stop org/org 12/p
      5064-8015Peri pump tube Tygon 2-stop org/blu 12/p
      5064-8028Peri pump tube Tygon 2-stop wht/wht 12/p
      5064-8034Peri pump tube Tygon 3-stop org/blu 12/p
      5064-8203Cation Buffer for CE, 250ml
      5064-8205Cation Test Sample for CE, 25ml
      5064-8206Cation solutions Kit for CE
      5064-8208Forensic Anion Solutions Kit for CE
      5064-8209Basic Anion Buffer for CE
      5064-8211Tool Kit Hex Keys,Rheotool
      5064-8236Plating Bath Analysis Buffer 250ml
      5064-8273u-LC inline filter, 0.5 um pore size
      5065-440296 Well plates with glass inserts, caps
      5065-44106 fittings, 2 plugs, PEEK for u-valves
      5065-4421Solvent; bottle, clear, 2 L, 2 inlets
      5065-4422Double winged PEEK nut+ferrule 1/32 10PK
      5065-44231/32in ferrule and SS lock ring  10PK
      5065-4426Colored finger-tight PEEK fittings 10/PK
      5065-4447Column switching vlve kit 1100/1200 u-LC
      5065-4454Long fittings and ferrules, SS, 10/PK
      5065-4500Hi Flow Inline Filter Kit, Glass, 12 uLm
      5065-9901Hi Flow replacement Inline Filter, Glass
      5065-9906LC-MS Connection Capillary
      5065-9907Flow cell quartz 1mm 40uL oval ap. 1/pk
      5065-9909Glass stop valve assy
      5065-9918Flow cell quartz 5mm 230uL rect ap. 1/pk
      5065-9922Manual prep injection valve kit, SS
      5065-9926Flex capillary, 0.5x800 mm no fittings
      5065-9927Flex capillary, 0.5x105mm no fittings
      5065-9930FLEX capillary, 0.25x800mm no fittings
      5065-9931Flexible Capillary 0.17mm ID x 200mm
      5065-9932Flexible Capillary 0.17mm ID x 700mm
      5065-9933Flexible Capillary .17mm ID x 600mm
      5065-9935Flex capillary, 0.12x200mm no Fittings
      5065-9937Capillary/Fitting Starter Kit .12mm ID
      5065-9938Capillary/Fitting Starter Kit 20ul Flow
      5065-9939Capillary/Fitting Starter Kit .17mm id
      5065-9947Rapid Resolution HT Capillary Kit
      5065-9948Fitting screws, SS, 10-32, 4mm, 5/pk
      5065-9950SS ring and ferrule, 2mm, 5-pk
      5065-9963Flex capillary 0.17x900mm no fittings
      5065-9964Flex capillary. 0.12x500mm no fittings
      5065-9965O-Ring, 1.4mm id, 0.6mm thick, 10/pk
      5065-9967X-long fittings and ferrules, SS, 10/pk
      5065-9971Barbed Y-Connector,PP for 3/16in ID Tube
      5065-9979Flexible Capillary .25mm ID x 250mm
      5065-9980Flexible Capillary 25mm ID x 320mm
      5067-0205Scrw Vials/Cap,Silicon Sep Slit/Bond 500
      5067-0212Flat bottom glass insert 400ul, 50,000
      5067-0214Amber crimp vial, cap rubber sep, 50,000
      5067-0218Leak Detector: Replacement Filter
      5067-0219Leak Detector: Replacement Battery Pack
      5067-0223Precision Gas Flow Meter
      5067-023420mm PTFE/White silicone septa, 10,000
      5067-0236Crimp cap,20 mm, PTFE/Silicone, 10,000
      5067-0237Clear screw Vial Cap PTFE/Sil Sep 100000
      5067-0243Rack for 50x 12mm 2mL vials,1 each
      5067-1503PEEK adapter, 1/8in to 1/16in (4/pk)
      5067-1540SS Hex Head Nut with PEEK Ferrule 6/pk
      5067-1547PEEK ferrule 1/16 inch max 600 bar 6/pk
      5067-1581Needle Port
      5067-4103Rotor seal, 3 grooves,max 600 bar
      5067-4104Man injection valve for Compact LC
      5067-4105Rotor seal for 5067-4102 valve,PEEK
      5067-4107Valve head 8 positions 9 ports high pres
      5067-41172pos/6port ultra high press valve head
      5067-41182pos/10port ultra high press valve head
      5067-41218pos/9 port ultra high press valve head
      5067-4131Bio-inert2position/6port injection valve
      5067-41322pos/10pt Valve BioC, 600bar
      5067-4138Valve POD mcro 2pos/6port 600bar
      5067-41426-Column selector valve 1200bar
      5067-41452pos/10port DualMBB 600bar
      5067-4158Bio-inert 2 position/6port man inj valve
      5067-41702D-LC Valve Head, 1200 bar
      5067-4191Manual FL-Injection Valve, 600bar
      5067-41932ps/10pt Valve Head ,600bar
      5067-4211SFC-MS/ELSD make-up flow pump kit
      5067-4625Premium Performance Deuterium lamp 2/pk
      5067-4646Capillary Kit 0.12mmID, G1316C 2/6 vlv
      5067-4666UV convenience KIT
      5067-4684Capillary ST 0.12x340 S/SX
      5067-4685SS-Capillary 90x0,12mm ns ns 1sh 1xlg
      5067-4686Capillary ST 0.12x150 SL/SX
      5067-4687Capillary ST 0.12x280 SL/SX
      5067-4688SS-Capillary 120x0,12mm ns ns 1xlg 1xlg
      5067-4689Capillary ST 0.12x200 SX/S
      5067-4729Cap kit 0.12mm ID for 6pos/14 port valve
      5067-47331200Bar removable fitting
      5067-4737SST Capill. 150x0.17mm ps/ps 2 long nut
      5067-47381200Bar removable long fitting
      5067-47391200Bar removable extra long fitting
      5067-4741Bio-inert union, 600 bar
      5067-4767Cap kit 0.17mm 2 pos/6 ports 600bar BIO
      5067-4769Cap kit 0.17mm 4 col sel vlv 600bar BIO
      5067-4793Perist. pump (silicone tub.) w/ spring
      5067-4800Cap Kit 0.12mmID G1316C 2/10 micro-vlv
      5067-5103Cap Kit 0.17mmID G1316C 2/10 micro-vlv
      5067-5104Capillary ST 0.12x150 SV/M
      5067-5106Capillary ST 0.12x90 SL/M
      5067-5107Capillary ST 0.12x280 SV/M
      5067-5108SST Capillary 340x0.17mm ps-ns SW M4
      5067-5109Capillary ST 0.17x90 SL/M
      5067-5110SST-Capillary 90x0,17mm RF/M4
      5067-5111SST Capillary 0.8x0,17 150mm lg RF/M4
      5067-5112SST Capillary 0.8x0,17 280mm lg RF/M4
      5067-5120SST Cap. 0.17mm ID 700mm SW-1/16/M4
      5067-5688Torque wrench 1-25Nm w. 14mm  wrench
      5067-569119mm open wrench
      5067-5709Capillary ST 0,25x250 S-S
      5067-5713Capillary ST 0.25x500 S-S
      5067-5748Capillary ST 0.7x1000 none
      5067-5749Capillary ST 0.17x900 SX/SX
      5067-5750Capillary ST 0.17x600 SX/SX
      5067-5757Capillary ST 0.7x150 SX-SX
      5068-0001Stator 8pos/9port 1200 bar
      5068-0002Rotor seal 8pos/9port 1200 bar
      5068-00045pos/7-port 1200Bar stator
      5068-00055pos/7-port 1200Bar rotor seal
      5068-00072-pos/6-port 1200Bar rotor seal
      5068-0008Rotor 2pos/6port 1200Bar
      5068-0011Stator 2pos/10port 1200Bar
      5068-0029Stator 2PS/6PT 1200bar Inj-CTC
      5068-0030Rotor, nVESPEL, 2PS/6PT 1200bar INJ-CTC
      5068-0040Bio inert stator 2pos/10 port 600 bar
      5068-0041Bio inert rotor 2pos/10port 600 bar
      5068-0044Bio-inert stator, 4 column
      5068-0045Bio-inert rotor seal, 4 column, PEEK
      5068-0052Rotor seal 600 bar
      5068-0053Stator 600 bar
      5068-0060Bio-inert stator 2 pos/6 port
      5068-0067Rotor, 6 Column Selector, 1200 bar
      5068-0076Rotor 6 Column selector 600bar SST
      5068-0077Stator 6 column selector 600 bar
      5068-0082PEEK rotor 2pos/6port
      5068-0093Stator face 4 column
      5068-0115Stator 2D LC Valve, 1200 bar
      5068-0116Rotor seal, 2D LC Valve, 1200 bar
      5069-4478Foreline pump Fluid (Fomblin 06/6) 2 kg
      5080-4978O-rings; 0.070in id, 0.070in cd  12/PK
      5080-4982O-rings, 0905-0322  12/PK
      5080-5400Swabs  100/PK
      5080-8716Boiling Point Calibration Sample No. 1
      5080-8728-100Septa General Purpose Gray 3/8in, 100/Pk
      5080-8728-50Septa General Purpose Gray  3/8in 50/PK
      5080-8732Sleeves,  packed inlet, 170ul vol, 25/PK
      5080-8750Fittings 1/8inch Brass  20/PK
      5080-8751Fittings, 1/8in stainless steel,  20/Pk
      5080-8752Fittings, 1/4in Brass,  20/Pk
      5080-8753Fittings, 1/4in stainless steel,  20/Pk
      5080-8773Ferrule, 1.0mm Graphite 0.53 col 10/PK
      5080-8774Ferl 1/4in VG SP-22 40pct graphite 10PK
      5080-8800Paper, Thermal-Rolls  4/BX
      5080-8846O-ring, greased  12/PK
      5080-8853Ferrule, 0.5mm  Graphite 0.32 col 10/PK
      5080-8894-100Septa General Purpose Gray 11mm 100/PK
      5080-8895Septa,  white  11mm 144/PK
      5080-8896-50Septa General Purpose Gray  11mm 50/pk
      5080-8898O-Ring 12/PK, Fluoroelastomer, 0.426inID
      5180-08428mm Crimp Cap PTFE/Silicone sept 500/PK
      5180-4102Nut, 1/16in stainless steel, 10/Pk
      5180-4103Nut, 1/8in Brass, 10/Pk
      5180-4104Nut, 1/8in stainless steel,  10/Pk
      5180-4105Nut, 1/4in Brass, 10/Pk
      5180-4106 Nut, 1/4in stainless steel,  10/Pk
      5180-4108Front ferrules, 1/16in SS, 10/Pk
      5180-4109Front ferrules, 1/8in Brass, 10/Pk
      5180-4110Front ferrules, 1/8in SS, 10/Pk
      5180-4111Front ferrules, 1/4in Brass, 10/Pk
      5180-4113Back ferrules 1/16in Brass  10/PK
      5180-4114Back ferrules, 1/16in SS, 10/Pk
      5180-4115Back ferrules, 1/8in Brass, 10/Pk
      5180-4116Back ferrules, 1/8in SS, 10/Pk
      5180-4117Back ferrules, 1/4in Brass, 10/Pk
      5180-4120Cap, 1/4in Brass,  6/Pk
      5180-4121Cap, 1/8inch  Brass,  6/Pk
      5180-4124Plug, 1/8" Brass  6/PK
      5180-4125Plug, 1/4" Brass  6/PK
      5180-4127Union, 1/8" Brass  2/PK
      5180-4128Union, 1/4" Brass  2/PK
      5180-4129Tee, 1/4" Brass  2/PK
      5180-4130Reducer, Union, 1/8 x 1/16 Brass 2/PK
      5180-4131Reducer, Union, 1/4 x 1/8 Brass  2/PK
      5180-4134+Reducer, 1/4 x 1/8 Brass  2/PK
      5180-4135Reducer, 1/8 x 1/4 Brass  2/PK
      5180-4143Connector, 1/8 x 1/4 Brass Male NPT 2/PK
      5180-4145Connector, 1/4 x 1/4 Brass Male NPT 2/PK
      5180-4148Connector, 1/16" Hose  10/PK
      5180-4149Fitting kit  10/PK
      5180-4150Cleaning wires for .016in id jet  5/PK
      5180-4152Cleaning Wires: 0.010"id/530um jet  5/PK
      5180-4153Capillary inlet cleaning wires  5/PK
      5180-4157O-ring, rubber  12/PK
      5180-4160Tee, 1/8inch Brass Union  2/PK
      5180-4161Fitting Kit
      5180-4162General laboratory tool kit
      5180-4164Silicone Gskets 0.890inOD/0.654inID,12Pk
      5180-4165Silcone Gskets 0.890inod/0.709inid 12/Pk
      5180-4168Graphite O-ring, 5700/5840/6890 10/PK
      5180-4173Graphite O-ring for splitless, 10/pk
      5180-4181Size 2-006 O-Ring, Fluorocarbon, 12/PK
      5180-41961/8in x .065in Copper Tubing,50 Ft Coil
      5181-121011mm Red Rubbr Crmp cap,clr FEP spta 100
      5181-121111mm crimp cap, PTFE/S/PTFE septa 100/PK
      5181-1212Crimp caps 11mm/black Viton septa 100/PK
      5181-1215Blue crmp cap 11mm, FEP/Rub septa 100/PK
      5181-1216Green crimp cap 11mm, FEP/R septa 100/PK
      5181-1217Red crimp cap 11mm PTFE/rub septa 100pk
      5181-1219Paper, 3394/96A  4 rolls/PK
      5181-1220Ink Cartridge
      5181-1255For Europe use only
      5181-1257Small Truarc Clip  10/PK
      5181-1258Retainer ring  10/PK
      5181-1260Septa thru hole 5mm 25/PK
      5181-1261Septa high backpressure 5mm 25/PK
      5181-1267Syringe, 10ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP
      5181-1270250 ul Inserts with Polymer Feet,100/pk
      5181-1273Syringe, 5ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP
      5181-1283-100Septa General Purpose Red  3/8in, 100/Pk
      5181-1283-50Septa General Purpose Red  3/8in 50/PK
      5181-1291Nut, 1/16in stainless steel Valco, 10/Pk
      5181-1292Ferrule, 1/16in Valco, one pc SS, 10/pk
      5181-1507Snap caps, polyethylene olefin, 100/PK
      5181-1512Snap caps, polyurethane  100/PK
      5181-1513Snap caps, polyethylene olefin,  500/PK
      5181-3308Ferrule VG-1 no hole for MS 10/PK
      5181-3316IInert Liner, splitless, single taper
      5181-3317Glass wool pesticide, 10gm
      5181-3319Needles Replacement 10ul 23/26 ga. 3/PK
      5181-3321Syringe, 10ul tapered, RN, 23/26s/42/HP
      5181-3322Ferrule, 0.4mm Vespel 0.1-0.25 col 10/PK
      5181-3323Ferrule, 0.4mm VG 0.1-0.25 col 10/PK
      5181-3351Trap, particle 2.5m, 0.32mm
      5181-3352Trap, particle 2.5m, 0.53mm
      5181-3354Syringe, 10ul 23/26 ga, GT, FN, Taper
      5181-3356Syringe 10ul, RN, GT, 23/26ga.
      5181-3358Plunger replacement, 10ul syringe
      5181-3360Syr. 10ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP, 6/PK
      5181-3361Syringe 10ul T/FN/PTFE tip 23-26s/42/HP
      5181-3365Plunger 10ul, FN, GT,23/26 ga PTFE Tip
      5181-3370Adapter, AC
      5181-3377400ul flat bottom glass insert, 500/pk
      5181-3382Sleeves,   170ul vol,  deact 5/PK
      5181-3383-100Septa, Partial Thru hole Red 11mm 100/PK
      5181-3383-50Septa , Partial Thru hole Red 11mm 50/PK
      5181-3388Ferrule, 0.3mm VG 2hole 0.1 col 10/PK
      5181-3394Plastic fitting  10/PK
      5181-3395Quartz column connector, 0.1-0.53mm 5/pk
      5181-3396Column connector  5/PK
      5181-3397Quartz Y splitter
      5181-3398Y splitter deactivated
      5181-34002ml Crimp vial, cap, Septa PTFE/R 500/PK
      5181-74420.25mm cool-on-column needles 3/pk
      5181-7459Rotor, 6 port valve, 225 degrees C
      5181-7460Rotor, 10 port valve, 225 degrees C
      5181-88012ml vial amber and 11mm cap kit  500/bx
      5181-8806Syringe 10ul fit pl, strght RN 23/42/HP
      5181-8808Plunger 10ul, FN, GT 23 gauge
      5181-8809Syringe, 10ul FN PTFE tip 23/42/HP
      5181-8810Syr. 5ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP, 6/PK
      5181-8811Needle 10ul, GT, 23ga., pt.HP  3/PK
      5181-8813Syringe 10ul, RN, GT, 23ga.
      5181-8815Microseal Septum, low pressure
      5181-8816Microseal kit, low pressure
      5181-8818Liner, direct, 2mm ID, deactivated
      5181-8827Decapper, 8mm vial caps
      5181-8830Column nut, universal   2/PK
      5181-8833Microseal  Kit low pressure w/ 2 septa
      5181-8836Capillary tubing cutter, 4/PK
      5181-8839Microseal High Volume Septum Kit
      5181-8866Plunger button, syringe  10/PK
      5181-8872250ul glass inserts, deactivated  100/PK
      5182-0540Clear PE Snap Cap w/ PTFE Septa 100/pk
      5182-0541Snap cap for snap cap vial only  100/PK
      5182-0542Snap cap 11mm  100/PK
      5182-05472ml vial  crimp/snap with snapcaps 500pk
      5182-0548Amber vial snap cap w PTFE/rubber 500/pk
      5182-0549250ul insert, polypropylene  100/PK
      5182-0550Snap cap with red silicone septa  100/PK
      5182-05514ml wash/waste vial  25/PK
      5182-0552Crimp cap 11mm, Septa PTFE/S 100/PK
      5182-0553Screw cap and clear vial kit  100/PK
      5182-0554AsmKit AmbWrtVial GrCap PTFE/redSi 100pk
      5182-0555Screw caps, blue, and vial kit  100/PK
      5182-0556AsmKit AmbWrtVial Grn PTFE/Si/PTFE 100pk
      5182-0557Screw caps, and clear vial kit  100/PK
      5182-0558AsmKit AmbWrt Vial GrnCap PTFE/Si 100/pk
      5182-0564Clr cap w/PTFE/red si rubber septa,500pk
      5182-0565Blue Box
      5182-0566Snap caps  100/PK
      5182-0570O-ring  6/PK
      5182-0575Vial storage container
      5182-0717Blue screw caps  100/PK
      5182-0718Screw cap green  100/PK
      5182-0719Screw cap red  100/PK
      5182-0720Caps, screw type, blue  100/PK
      5182-0721Screw caps, green  100/PK
      5182-0722Screw caps, red,  100/PK
      5182-0723Caps, screw type, color blue,  100/PK
      5182-0724Caps, screw type, green,  100/PK
      5182-0725Screw caps, color: red,  100/PK
      5182-0726Red screw caps  100/PK
      5182-0727Green color screw caps  100/PK
      5182-0728Blue color screw caps  100/PK
      5182-0729Screw cap septa, 100/pk
      5182-0730Septa, PTFE/white silicone, 8.7mm 100/pk
      5182-0731Septa, PTFE/red silicone, 8.7mm 100/pk
      5182-0732Screw vials,bl caps,PTFE/red spta,500pk
      5182-0733Screw top 2ml vials, green caps, 500/pk
      5182-0734Screw Cap Vial And Septa Kit  500EA
      5182-0735Screw Cap Vial + Septa Kit, Amber  500EA
      5182-0736Screw Cap Vial, Cap + Septa Kit  500EA
      5182-0737Screw Cap Vial, Cap/Septa Kit  500EA
      5182-0740Ferrule, Vespel  0.2-0.25 column 10/PK
      5182-0741Ferrule, Vespel 0.32 column 10/PK
      5182-0742Ferrule, Vespel, 0.53 column 10/PK
      5182-0830Needle, 5ul, RN, 23 ga, pt.HP  3/PK
      5182-0831Needle 0.32mm on-column/5ul syringe 3/PK
      5182-0832Needles Rplcmnt Taperd 23-26s/42/HP 3/PK
      5182-0833Needle 0.25mm on-column/5ul syringe 3/PK
      5182-0834Syringe, 5ul, RN, 23 ga. pt.HP
      5182-0835Syringe, 5ul tapered, RN, 23-26s/42/HP
      5182-0836Syringe, 5ul on-column RN, barrel only
      5182-0839Headspce vials,relse cap,sept 20ml 100PK
      5182-084020ml Headspace supply kit high temp100PK
      5182-0853PTFE disc for Merlin Microseal  2pk
      5182-0864Screw cap vials, pre-assembled,  100/PK
      5182-0865Screw cap vials, write on spot,  100/PK
      5182-0866Screw top vial, write-on-spot 100pk
      5182-0867Screw top 2ml vials, blue caps, 500/pk
      5182-0868Screwcap vials, with septa  500kt
      5182-0869Screwcap vial with septa 500pc kit
      5182-0871PTFE disc in aluminum crimp seal,100pk
      5182-0875Syringe, 5ul, FN, 23 ga, pt.HP  6/PK
      5182-1530Longlife Deuterium lamp 1100-1200 DAD
      5182-3442Microseal General Purpose starter kit
      5182-3444Microseal General Purpose septum only
      5182-3445Nut for high pressure Merlin Microseal
      5182-3449Capillary inlet supply kit
      5182-3450FID supplies kit
      5182-3453Basic Installation Kit
      5182-3456GC Install Kit with Tools
      5182-3457Snap caps,green,red rubber/PTFE 100/PK
      5182-3458Snap cap, blue,red rubber/PTFE  100/PK
      5182-3459Snap cap, red, red rubber/PTFE 100/PK
      5182-3465Torx Screwdriver, T20 Size
      5182-3466Torx Screwdrier T10 Size
      5182-9201Glass Indicating O2 Trap, 1/8 in.
      5182-9202Glass Indicating O2 Trap, 1/8 in., SS
      5182-9211Glass Indicating H2O Trap, 1/8 in.
      5182-9401Glass Indicating O2 Trap, 1/4 in.
      5182-9402Glass Indicating O2 Trap, 1/4 in., SS
      5182-9411Glass Indicating H2O Trap, 1/4 in.
      5182-9622Syringe 1ul, RN, 23ga. pt.2
      5182-9626+Syringe 10ul, RN, 23ga. pt.HP
      5182-9633Syringe 10ul, RN, 23ga.
      5182-9645Needle, 0.23mm, 10cm on-column  3/PK
      5182-9689Sample Loop 5ml Aquatek 70
      5182-9698Glass Endcap for Capillary Columns 20/PK
      5182-9733OQ/PV Headspace Sample
      5182-9734Syringe 10ul, FN, 23ga., pt.HP
      5182-9749Graphpack-3D ferrules for inserts  5/PK
      5182-9751Empty inserts with swirl holes  10/PK
      5182-9752Insers filled/silanised glass wool 10/PK
      5182-9756Ferrule, GRAPHPACK 2M PTV, 0.2 column
      5182-9765GC Buddy
      5182-9768Ferrule, GRAPHPACK 2M PTV, 0.25 column
      5182-9769Ferrule, GRAPHPACK 2M PTV, 0.32 column
      5182-9770Ferrule, GRAPHPACK 2M PTV, 0.53 column
      5182-9799Syringe 10ul, FN, GT, 23ga. pt.HP
      5183-0314Syringe, 50ul, 23/26ga, GT, FN, HP
      5183-0316Syringe 25ul, 23ga, GT, FN, HP
      5183-0318Syringe, 50ul, 23ga, GT, FN, HP
      5183-0379ECD Test Sample, Lindane
      5183-1941Cylinder wall bracket with strap + chain
      5183-2007Black Ceramic NPD Bead
      5183-2009Numbered Paper, 3394/96A  4 Rolls/PK
      5183-2029Nitrogen Generator for LC/MS 100V Japan
      5183-2036PTV Liner, Single Baffle, Deactivated
      5183-2037PTV Liner, Multi Baffled, Deactivated
      5183-2038PTV Liner, W/glass wool, deactivated
      5183-2042Syringe, 100ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP
      5183-2058Syringe, 100ul straight, FN 23s/42/HP
      5183-2074Blue pre-slit PTFE/Si septa, 9mm, 100PK
      5183-2075Blue plypro solid scrw tp,PTFE linr100PK
      5183-2076Blue scrw tp,pre-slit PTFE/Si spta,100PK
      5183-2077Gren scrw tp,pre-slit PTFE/Si spta,100PK
      5183-2078Red scrw tp,pre-slit PTFE/Si spta, 100PK
      5183-2079Clr vial,scrw cp,slit PTFE/Si spta,500PK
      5183-2080Clr Vial,scrw cp,w/spt,slit PTFESi 500PK
      5183-2081Ambr scrw vial w/spot,slit PTFE/Si,500PK
      5183-2082Clr scrw vial,slit PTFE/Si Septa, 100/PK
      5183-2083Clr scrw vial w/spot,slit PTFE/Si,100PK
      5183-2085250ul pulled pntconical glas insrt,100pk
      5183-2086400ul Silanized flat btm insrts,500/PK
      5183-2087400ul polypropylene flt btm insrts,500PK
      5183-2088150ul glass inserts, polymer feet, 100PK
      5183-2089150uL gls insert f/8-425 scrw vial 100pk
      5183-2090200ul flat bottm f/8-425 scrw vial 100PK
      5183-430113-425 White Closed Top Cap, PTFE/Si
      5183-430215-425 White Closed Top Cap, PTFE/Si
      5183-430320-400 White Closed Top Cap, PTFE/Si
      5183-430424-414 White Closed Top Cap, PTFE/Si
      5183-430513-425 White Open Top Cap, PTFE/Si
      5183-430615-425 White Open Top Cap, PTFE/Si
      5183-430720-400 White Open Top Cap, PTFE/Si
      5183-430824-414 White Open Top Cap, PTFE/Si
      5183-4311Strg Vial Kit,4mL,15x45 Clear,13-425 Cap
      5183-4312Strg Vial Kit,12mL,19x65 Clear,15-425Cap
      5183-4313Strg Vial Kit,22mL,23x85 Clear,20-400Cap
      5183-4314Strg Vial Kit,40mL,28x95 Clear,24-414Cap
      5183-4321Strg Vial Kit,4mL,15x45 Amber,13-425 Cap
      5183-4322Strg Vial Kit,12mL,19x65 Amber,15-425Cap
      5183-4323Strg Vial Kit,22mL,23x85 Amber,20-400Cap
      5183-4324Strg Vial Kit,40mL,28x95 Amber,24-414Cap
      5183-4331Strg Vial Kit,4mL,15x45Clear,13-425Cap
      5183-4332Strg Vial Kit,12mL,19x65Clear,15-425Cap
      5183-4333Strg Vial Kit,22mL,23x85Clear,20-400Cap
      5183-4334Strg Vial Kit,40mL,28x95Clear,24-414
      5183-4428Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,clr,100PK
      5183-4429Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,ambr,100PK
      5183-4432Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,clr,SLN,100PK
      5183-4433Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,ambr,SLN,100PK
      5183-4436.Red PTFE/Si/Red PTFE septa, 8mm, 100PK
      5183-4437Red PTFE/Si septa, 8mm, 100/PK
      5183-4438Blk cap,for 8-425 opn scrw tp vial,100PK
      5183-4442Blk cp,f/8-425 scrw vial, PTFE/Si, 100PK
      5183-4459Virgin PTFE septa, 0.010, 12mm, 1000PK
      5183-4460Red PTFE/wht Si septa,0.060in,12mm,100Pk
      5183-4461xBlack cap,13-425 open screw top, 100PK
      5183-4464Blk cap, PTFE/Si sept,.060in,instd,100Pk
      5183-4476Gry butyl hdspc stpr,20mm,-40/120C,100PK
      5183-4477Hdspc Al crmp cap,PTFE/Si sep,20mm,100PK
      5183-4478Hdspc Al sfty crmp cap,PTFESi,20mm,100PK
      5183-4479Hdspc Al crmp cap, PTFE/btyl, 20mm,100PK
      5183-4480Hdspc Al sfty crmpcp,PTFEbtyl,20mm,100PK
      5183-4498Slvr crimp cap,PTFE/rubber, 11mm, 1000PK
      5183-4499 Slvr crmp cap,PTFE/si/tef, 11mm, 1000PK
      5183-4500Sliver Crimp Cap, PTFE/Si, 11mm,1000PK
      5183-4511Clear snap cap, slit PTFE/Si septa 100PK
      5183-4518Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,clr,PTFE Lnd,100PK
      5183-4620Column cutter w/rotating Diamond Blade
      5183-4621Repl. Diamond Blade Kit for Col Cutter
      5183-46412 Stg Rgltr,brs,125psi,CGA346,1/8in ftg
      5183-46432 Stg Rgltr,brs,125psi,CGA540,1/8in,fttg
      5183-46452 Stg Rgltr,brs,125psi,CGA590,1/8in fttg
      5183-4669 E Column cutter with Diamond Blade
      5183-4670CE Repl. Blade Kit for CE Column Cutter
      5183-4681Internal Standard Mix
      5183-4682Initial Calibration Verification
      5183-4687Environmental Spike Mix
      5183-4688Environmental Calibration Standard
      5183-4689Merlin Injection 2000 Kit
      5183-4697Liner,split,w/cup,glasswool+packing 5pk
      5183-4698Liner,split,w/cup,glasswool+packing 25pk
      5183-4699Liner, split, with cup, no glasswool 5PK
      5183-4700Liner, split, with cup,no glasswool 25PK
      5183-4703Liner, direct, 2mm I.D., deactivated 5PK
      5183-4704Liner, direct 2mm I.D., deactivated 25PK
      5183-4706Liner,splitles,dubl-taper,no glswl deact
      5183-4707Liner,direct,2mm ID,non-deactivated  5PK
      5183-4708Liner,direct,2mm ID,non-deactivaed  25PK
      5183-4709Liner,direct,1.5mmID,non-deactivated 5PK
      5183-4710liner,direct,1.5mmID,non-deactivatd 25PK
      5183-4711Lnr,gen purp split/spltls,tpr,glswl,deac
      5183-4712Lnr,gen purp split/spltls,tpr,GW, 5/PK
      5183-4713Lnr,gen purp split/spltls,tpr,GW,25/PK
      5183-4728Syr, 5ul, strght,fit pl,FN,26s/42/HP 6PK
      5183-4729Syr,10ul,strght,fit pl,FN,26s/42/HP 6PK
      5183-4730Syr, 10ul, strght, PTFE,FN,23/42/HP  6PK
      5183-4732Capillary Column nut for 6850  2/PK
      5183-4733Sample Loop 25ml Aquatek 70
      5183-4734Sample Loop 20ml Aquatek 70
      5183-4741Vial Kit 40ml Preclean 72 vials+cap+sptm
      5183-4742Vial Kt Amb 40ml Preclnd 72 Vls+Cap+Sptm
      5183-4743Septa for 40ml Vials Precleaned 72/PK
      5183-4744Screw Caps for 40ml vials 24/PK
      5183-4757Septa Non-Stick BTO Inlet  11mm 50 pk
      5183-4757-100Septa Non-Stick BTO Inlet  11mm 100 pk
      5183-4758Septa Bleed/Temp Optimzd Inlt 5mm 50PK
      5183-4759Septa Non-Stick Adv Green  11mm 50pk
      5183-4759-100Septa Non-Stick Adv Green  11mm 100pk
      5183-4760Septa Advanced Green Inlet  5mm 50PK
      5183-4761Septa Non-Stick Long Life   11mm 50pk
      5183-4761-100Septa Non-Stick Long Life  11mm 100pk
      5183-4762Septa Non-Stick Long Life  5mm 50PK
      5183-4781Flow Tracker AC Power Supply
      5183-4789GC buddy Junior-GC tools pocketknife
      5183-4799B+D VersaPak Gold NiMH Battery
      5184-19837500 ICP-MS Electron Multiplier
      5184-3519Manual syringe, FN,10uL,26 ga,pt2, CHN
      5184-3538RGA Calib Mix Cylinder, 1ea
      5184-3539Regulator for Calib Mix Cylinders, 1ea
      5184-3541Universal Calib Mix Cylinders, box of 2
      5184-3542NGA Calib Mix Cylinders, box of 2
      5184-3543RGA Calib Mix Cylinders, box of 2
      5184-3544Univ/NGA Calib Mix Cylinder Combo box
      5184-3545Univ/RGA Calib Mix Cylinder Combo box
      5184-3546Universal Calibration Kit
      5184-3547NGA Calibration Kit
      5184-3548RGA Calibration Kit
      5184-3564ICP-MS Checkout Solutions for 7500s
      5184-3565ICP-MS Checkout Solutions for 7500a/i/c
      5184-3566ICP-MS Tuning Sol 10ug/mL 2x 500mL
      5184-3571Ferrule kit, 1/16in Siltite 10ferr/2nuts
      5184-464625 PSI Inline Regulator
      5185-5817Gas Sampling Tubing 1/16in SS with Fttgs
      5185-5820Blue screw caps,PTFE/red sil septa,500pk
      5185-5823Blue screw cap,PTFE/sil bond septa,100pk
      5185-5824Cap PTFE/sil pre-slit bond septa 100/pk
      5185-5829Green screw cap,PTFE/red sil septa,500pk
      5185-5838Black screw cap, PTFE/sil septa,100pk
      5185-5850ICP-MS Checkout Solutions
      5185-585111mm Al Crimp Caps, 1000 packs
      5185-5861Green screw cap,PTFE/sil/septa,500pk
      5185-5862Blue screw cap,PTFE sil/PTFE spta,500pk
      5185-5863Blue screw cap,PTFE/sil septa,500pk
      5185-5864Green screw cap,PTFE/sil septa,500pk
      5185-5865Blue cap PTFE/sil pre-slit septa 500/pk
      5185-5917Blue Screw Caps, 500 packs
      5185-5924XFormer, 100-240V, 12V Reg (with cord)
      5185-5946Crimp Top Vial Bundle No.4
      5185-5950Screw Top Vial Bundle No.2
      5185-5958Conical Inserts with Polymer Feet 250pks
      5185-5959Tuning Solution for ICP-MS 7500cs
      5185-83899V/1A Switching Power Adapter
      5185-8390ATC Temperature Diagnostic Tool
      5185-8391Conductivity Diagnostic Tool
      5188-1181Filter Extension, NW25X100mm
      5188-2717Flip Top Inlet Sealing System
      5188-2743Funnel, glass, 250mL for 3150-0577
      5188-2744PTFE coated sieve for 3150-0577
      5188-2745PTFE seal for 3150-0577
      5188-2746Funnel base, glass for 3150-0577
      5188-2758PTFE/silicone septa 16mm pre-silt 100/pk
      5188-2759UltraClean 18mm screwcap w/septa 100pk
      5188-2778Toner cartridge Q2610A for LJ2300
      5188-5246Syringe, 1.0 ul, 23g,42 mm cone tipped
      5188-5247Syringe, 2.0 ul, 23g,42 mm cone tipped
      5188-5248Nitrogen Gas Purifer for LC/MS
      5188-5311O-ring for HTPTV Liner, Viton, 7.5mm od
      5188-5312HT PTV column hex nut, SS 4mm
      5188-5313HT PTV Inlet Liner, Quartz
      5188-5314Ferrule, 0.4mm SS/G HTPTV 0.53 col 10/PK
      5188-5315Ferrule, 0.5mm SS/G HTPTV 0.32 col 10/PK
      5188-5316Polywax 500
      5188-5317Polywax 655, gram, neat
      5188-5321Glass Inserts, 350uL, 1000/pk
      5188-5322Cap for 350ul glassinsert 1000/pk
      5188-5356HT PTV Inlet SimDis Liner,borosilicate
      5188-5358GC Checkout Standards Kit
      5188-5359ICPMS cone cleaning detergent, 1 gallon
      5188-5365 Liner O-Ring, Non-Stick 10PK
      5188-5366Liner O-Ring, Non-Stick Flip-Top
      5188-5370Needle/plunger replacement 1.0ul 23g
      5188-5371Needle/plunger replacement 2.0ul 23g
      5188-5374Gas Regulator for NH3/He for ICP-MS
      5188-5386Crimp cap,11mm Magnetic CTC,100 pk
      5188-5395Plunger,replacement CTC-X50, 3pk
      5188-5396Liner,Helix open ended,deactivated
      5188-5397Liner,Helix single taper,deactivated
      5188-5398Liner,Helix double taper,deactivated
      5188-6457Loop,2 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6458Loop,10 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6459Loop,20 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6460Loop,50 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6461Loop,100 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6462Loop,250 ul,Cheminert Injection Valve
      5188-6463Loop,500 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6464Loop,1000 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6465Loop,2000 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6466Loop,5000 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6467Loop,PEEK,10 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6468Loop,PEEK,20ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6469Loop,PEEK,2ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6470Loop,PEEK,5ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
      5188-6476PEEK,Needle Seal,Valco,22g gauge, 10/pk
      5188-6477PTFE Needle Seal,Valco,22 gauge,10/pk
      5188-6478Needle Seal,Rheodyne 7991,22g 10/pk
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