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    • 安捷倫頂空瓶蓋


      5188-6471liner, inlet for SPME, deact, 1 each
      00000001600LTube, Polyprop, 17 mm x 130 mm, 1000/pk
      007-1175Cable Adapter, PWR/RS232/XFRMR for ADM
      0100-0050Cap, 1/16inch stainless steel
      0100-0053Stainless Nut 1/16 in
      0100-00571/8inch Nut, SST
      0100-0058Nut 1/8inch Tubing Brass
      0100-0071Plug, 1/8inch, Stainless
      0100-00731/8in Tube Stubx 1/16in Reducer,316 SST
      0100-0088Tee, 1/4 inch, brass
      0100-00891/4inch Union Tee, SST
      0100-0090Tee, 1/8 inch Brass
      0100-0091Union elbow, 1/8inch brass
      0100-0092Elbow 1/8inch Stainless
      0100-01101/8inch Male Connector,  Brass
      0100-01111/8inch Male Connector, 316 SST
      0100-01181/8inch x 1/4inc brass tubing connector
      0100-01191/4inch x 1/4inch brass tubing connector
      0100-01211/8 x 1/4 stainless steel reducing union
      0100-0124Union SS 1/16inch tubing
      0100-0126Union, tubing 1/8inch
      0100-0128Union, tubing 1/4inch
      0100-0132Union, bulkhead 1/8inch
      0100-01331/8inch Bulkhead Union, 316 SST
      0100-0160Ferrule, Back TFE
      0100-01611/8 Union Cross Brass
      0100-02081/4 inch Male Connector,Brass
      0100-0241Union, 1/8 - 1/16 Reducing Union
      0100-0420Adapter, 1/8inch - 1/8inch Brass
      0100-0542TEE, 1/8 SS
      0100-0549NW 20/25 Clamping Ring
      0100-0680Tee, 1/16 inch, brass
      0100-0782Tee,  1/16 inch SS Tube OD
      0100-0787Ferrule, front 1/4inch tubing
      0100-0900Union, 1/16in. SS zero dead volume
      0100-0929Nut, Male  1/16inch
      0100-09691/16" Tee, 316 SST,  Low Dead Volume
      0100-0985CROSS, BRASS
      0100-0996Cross 1/8inch Stainless
      0100-11071/8 id Front Ferrule Graph Vespel, 10PK
      0100-1145Gasket, interface
      0100-1189Connector, Male 1/8 x 1/4
      0100-1224Flow cell UV 10mm 30uL round ap. 1/pk.
      0100-1225Flow cell UV 10mm 80uL round ap. 1/pk
      0100-1259PLASTIC FITTING
      0100-1315PLUG, 1/16" SS
      0100-1316Union, 1/16inch Brass
      0100-1324Ferrule, 1/4" GPH  10/PK
      0100-1325Ferrule, 1/8" GPH  10/PK
      0100-1326Ferrule, 1/16inch GPH  10/PK
      0100-1327Ferrule, 1/4" vespel  10/PK
      0100-1328Ferrule, 1/8" Vespel  10/PK
      0100-1329Ferrule, 1/16" Vespel  10/PK
      0100-1331Ferl 1/4 inch VG-1 15pct graphite 10/PK
      0100-1332Ferrule, 1/8"  10/PK
      0100-1333Ferrule, 1/16inch  10/PK
      0100-1342Ferrule, 1/8" to 1/16" Vespel  10/PK
      0100-1344Ferrule, 1/8 to 1/16 reducer  10/PK
      0100-1365Ferrules, PTFE 1/8inch
      0100-1372Ferrules, 1/8" No hole  10/PK
      0100-1375Ferrules, 1/16" PTFE  10/PK
      0100-1378Ferrules, PTFE 1/4inch  10/PK
      0100-1379Ferrules, VG-2 1/16"  10/PK
      0100-1381Ferrules, 1/16" to 0.4mm VG-2  10/PK
      0100-1383Ferrules, 1/16inch to 0.8mm  10/PK
      0100-1389Ferrule,PTFE for COC syringe 9301-0658
      0100-14901/16inch Ferrule set  SST
      0100-1511Nut-Counter Bore, 1/16 in.
      0100-15121/16 " Ferrule,  Polyimide
      0100-1513Liner, polyimide  0.53mm Column
      0100-1514Liner, polyimide, 0.32mm Column
      0100-1515Bulkhead union, 1/16"-1/16"
      0100-15161/16"x 10-32 Male Nut, PEEK, 2PK
      0100-1527Bulkhead union .320
      0100-1597NW20/25 Co-Seal
      0100-16191/16" Union, SST,.010" Thru Hole ZDV
      0100-1631Rheflex fittings, 5/PK
      0100-1710Mounting tool for flangeless nut
      0100-1847PEEK adapter 1/4-28 to 10-32
      0100-1849Rotor seal, Tefzel for G1313
      0100-1850Stator for 0101-0921 valve
      0100-1851Stator face assy for 0101-0921 valve
      0100-1852Isolation seal for 0101-0920/1 valves
      0100-1853Rotor seal (Vespel, 400 bar, 2 grooves)
      0100-1854Rotor seal-Tefzel for 0101-0920 valve
      0100-1855Rotor seal (Vespel, 400 bar, 3 grooves)
      0100-1859Stator face assy for 5063-6502 valve
      0100-1860Stator for G1328A manual injector
      0100-1921Sample loop,  100ul
      0100-1922Sample Loop, 20ul
      0100-1923Sample Loop,  10ul
      0100-1924Sample Loop,  50ul
      0100-2087Rotor seal, Vespel, 3-grooves for u-LC
      0100-2088Rotor seal, Vespel, 2-grooves for u-LC
      0100-2089Stator for u-LC valves, special hardened
      0100-21441/8inch Ball Valve
      0100-2175Rheflex fittings, PEEK, color 10/PK
      0100-2195Stator head for 0101-1267 valve
      0100-2231Rotor seal, PEEK, 2-groove for 0101-0921
      0100-2233Rotor seal, PEEK, 3-groove for 0101-0920
      0100-2298Adapter, PEEK int. 1/4-28 to ext. 10-32
      0100-2410Union, PEEK for 1/8" od tubing
      0100-2415SEAL-ROTOR-VESPEL 5-GROOVE 0.65-IN-OD
      0100-2441ZDV union, PEEK, with Fittings
      0100-2595Polymide ferrule,5/pk,0.50mm,0.80mm
      0100-2637SS Nut and Ferrule 1/8in for sw.valve
      0101-0030Soap Film Flow Meter 10ml
      0101-0113Flowmeter  100ml
      0101-0282Sample loop 500ul
      0101-0299Sample loop 1ml
      0101-0300Sample loop 2ml
      0101-0301Sample loop 5cc volume
      0101-0302Sample loop 10cc volume
      0101-0303Sample loop .250cc
      0101-0304Sample loop, 25uL
      0101-0355Straight metering valve 1/16"
      0101-0376LOOP, 10 UL
      0101-0377LOOP, 20 UL
      0101-0378LOOP, 50 UL
      0101-0379LOOP, 100 UL
      0101-0403VALVE, METERING
      0101-05327um filter/holder assembly
      0101-0584Valve, 6P GC
      0101-0585.Valve, 10P GC
      0101-0594Splitter, 1:1 ratio
      0101-0595Splitter, 10:1 ratio
      0101-0620Rotor seal Tefzel
      0101-0623Rotor seal, Vespel for manual injector
      0101-0624Stator face assembly for Rheodyne 7125
      0101-0626Rotor seal, Vespel for autosampler
      0101-0627Rotor seal, Tefzel autosamp. to pH 12.5
      0101-0639Liquid sampling valve
      0101-0666Sample loop ,100ul
      0101-0921Injection Valve 400bar
      0101-09464-port repl valve WE,400 psi,225C
      0101-0954Nickel Sample Loop, 1.0mL
      0101-0955Nickel Sample Loop, 2.0mL
      0101-0956Nickel sample loop, 0.25mL
      0101-0957Nickel sample loop, 0.50mL
      0101-1001Reducing Filter
      0101-1050Injection valve for 1100 u-LC System
      0101-12191ml sample loop, SS
      0101-1226Sample loop, PEEK, 20ml
      0101-1227Sample loop, PEEK, 10ml
      0101-1228Sample loop, PEEK, 5ml (3725)
      0101-1229Sample loop, PEEK, 2ml (3725)
      0101-1230Sample loop, PEEK, 5ml
      0101-1231Manual prep injection valve, PEEK
      0101-1232Manual prep injection valve, SS
      0101-1233Rotor seal, PEEK, for 3725/3725-038
      0101-1234Sample loop, PEEK, 2ml
      0101-1235Sample loop, PEEK, 1ml
      0101-1236Sample loop, PEEK, 500ul
      0101-1237Sample loop, PEEK, 200ul
      0101-1238Sample loop, PEEK, 50ul
      0101-1239Sample loop, PEEK, 20ul
      0101-1240Sample loop, PEEK, 10ul
      0101-1241Sample loop, PEEK, 5ul
      0101-1242Sample loop, PEEK, 100ul
      0101-1243Sample loop, SS, 5ml (7725)
      0101-1244Smple loop, SS, 2ml (7725)
      0101-1245Sample loop, SS, 1ml
      0101-1246Sample loop, SS, 500ul (7725)
      0101-1247Sample loop, SS, 200ul (7725)
      0101-1248Sample loop, SS, 5ul
      0101-1249Sample loop, SS, 5ml (7125/7010)
      0101-1250Sample loop, SS, 2ml (7125/7010)
      0101-1251Sample loop, SS, 500ul (7125/7010)
      0101-1252Sample loop, SS, 200ul (7125/7010)
      0101-1253Manual injection valve PEEK, (9725i)
      0101-1254Rhebuild kit for 7725 Series
      0101-1255Rotor Seal PEEK, for 7125,7125i
      0101-1256Rotor seal, PEEK, for 7010/7000/7040
      0101-1257Rebuild kit for 7750-020 valve
      0101-1258Rebuild kit for 7750-030 valve
      0101-1267MBB Injection valve for G2260A sampler
      0101-1268PEEK rotor seal and stator face
      0101-1288Rebuild kit, G1160A Stream select valve
      0101-1290Rebuild kit, G1159A column select valve
      0101-1358Rebuild kit
      0101-1359Rebuild kit G1157A column regen valve
      0101-1360Rebuild Kit
      0101-1361Rotor seal,   Vespel for 0101-1343
      0101-1362Stator 2 pos/10 port dual-sided MBB
      0101-1363Stator, SS for 0101-1328 2pos/10port
      0101-13852 pos/10port injection valve
      0101-1390Stator, DuraLife, 10 port valve
      0101-1398Regulator for Helium Gas,stainless steel
      0101-1399Regulator, Hydrogen gas, stainless steel
      0101-1400Regulator for Argon Gas,stainless steel
      0101-1409Rotor seal, 3 grooves, max 600 bar
      0101-1410Stator (duralife) for 6 pos/7 port valve
      0101-1411Rotor seal,single groove for 6 position
      0101-1415Rotor seal,5 grooves,max 600 bar
      0101-1416Rotor Seal,2 Grooves, Max 600 Bar
      0101-1417Stator for 6 port switch valve, 600 bar
      0101-1421Stator 10 port micro valve max 600 bar
      0101-1422Injection valve,max 600 bar 2pos/6port
      0101-147214-port valve UWE,Hasloy C,400psi,225
      01037-60002Lamp assembly for 1037/47A
      01046-60105Cable, Universal Data
      01080-83202Blanking Nut 1/16inch stainless steel
      013-3039-1Sample holder with aperture, 1/pk
      03394-20500Replacement paper roll rod
      03396-41050Replacement paper roll brackets 2/pk
      0350-1402ChromTrac identifiers, color, 20/PK
      0460-0186Tape, glass, roll
      0460-1266Pipe Thread Sealant Tape, 1/4inch Wide
      0535-0046Nut, syringe, removable needle, H
      05921-21170Column nut, inlet  with long ferrules
      05971-80101Electron multiplier
      05971-80102Electron multiplier for 5972A/71A
      05980-60051Cloth, lint free  15/PK
      05985-60180Multiplier assembly
      07673-40180Diffusion caps for 4ml vials, 12/PK
      0890-17611/16in od 0.02in id 0.5mm PEEK tubing
      0890-17621/16in x.010in x 5 ft Tubing, PEEK, Blue
      0890-17631/16 od 0.007 id (0.18mm) 1.5m PEEK tbng
      0890-1901Tube Peek .0025" id
      0890-19151/16" x..005"" x 5 ft Tubing, PEEK, Red
      0890-1921Tube Peek  .03" id
      0890-19621inch ID X 6FT Tubing,PTFE, Convoluted
      0905-0103O-ring, 2-108, Fluorocarbon, Black
      0905-0820.Radial seals
      0905-0938RING, SEALING
      0905-1145O-Ring 12PK, Fluorocarbon
      0905-1516O-ring, Viton, 30mm
      0950-4422PWR-SPLY-AC-DC ADAPTER 63W 90-264VAC-24V
      1000-0544Rectangular cell UV 10mm 3.5mL open 2/pk
      10030100Neutral Density filter kit, un-certified
      10030200Holmium oxide/Didymium glass filter kit
      110289290Capillary assembly for PSD-95, 1/pk
      110291390Assembly, capillary rinse GTA, 1/pk
      110533590Constant pressure head bottle, SIPS 1/pk
      110585790Tee piece assembly, 3 way, SIPS 20, 1/pk
      110612200Assy, large specimen, Cary 4/5 dra, 1/p
      110639690Xenon lamp module for Cary 50/60, 1/pk
      110651090Tee piece assembly, 2 way, SIPS 10, 1/pk
      110677500Neutral density attenuator 1.5 Abs. 1/pk
      110713990Deuterium UV lamp Cary 4/5/6000i, 1/pk
      110715400D2 Lamp,pre-aligned,325/335,1/pk
      110744200Loom LC,analog cable 325/335 assy,1/pk
      110766690Constant press head bottle 1L, SIPS 1/pk
      110800900Lamp, assembly, 1/pk
      118020790Holmium oxide filter, 1/pk
      1222200606SCREW, PAN, 6-32 X 3/8,SST
      1400-3166Ring stand mounting bracket
      14-3823-000Septa for 40ml Vial, Pre-Cleaned, pk/72
      14-4007-224Sparger, 25ml frit w/side-arm, Velocity
      1460-1914Column hanger for 7890,6890,5890,5880A
      1530-2163Tubing, SS 14.17" long
      1530-2167Tube, 520MM
      1535-4045Bearing Ring
      1535-4046SEAL, ISOLATION
      1535-4048Rotor seal Vespel
      1535-4860LOOP, 5 UL 7020
      1535-49526-port rotor W series max temp 350C
      1535-4954ROTOR, 10 PORT
      1535-4970Oil Element for EMF20 Outlet Mist Filter
      1535-5215rebuild kit for active splitter kit
      1610132400Fitting y barb 1/16, 1/pk
      1610146100SVS-2 Nebulizer EzyFit connector. 10/pk
      18740-20800Reducing nut for SSL
      18740-20950SEAL, DETECTOR
      18740-20960Adapter seal for 1/8in FID
      18740-60835Septum retainer nut
      18740-60840Liner,split,with cup,glasswool + packing
      18740-80190Liner, split, with cup, no glasswool
      18740-80200liner,direct,1.5mm ID, non-deactivated
      18740-80220Liner,direct,2mm ID, non-deactivated
      18900-20250Tube, 11 IN
      18900-202801/16inch stainless steel tube 400mm long
      18900-20281Tube, 1/16", SS 304, 375mm long
      18900-203001/16inch tube SS 560 mm
      18900-20850Tube, assembly tool PTFE
      18900-2100010-port Actuator limiter
      18900-80255Tube Nickel 1/16"460mm
      190010903Frit splitter,4mmID,6.3mmOD,72mm,5/pk
      190-0131CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.050mm X 1m
      190017500Rotor seal, SS inject vlv,Valcon H,1/pk
      190018207Valco loop 200 uL with fittings
      190-0231CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.075mm X 1m
      190024000Ammon nitrate 5pct/2pct HNO3,100 mL,1/pk
      190024100Ammon phospht 40pct - H2O, 100 mL, hazd
      190024200Nckl nitrt, 5000ppm,100mL, hazd, 1/pk
      190024300Pd-nitrate 2000ppm,2-5pctHNO3 100ml,1/pk
      190026401Alum std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/pk
      190026402Antimony std, 10,000ppm, 100mL,haz, 1/p
      190026403Arsenic std, 10,000ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026404Barium std, 10,000 ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026405BERYLLIUM ICP STRD,10,000 PPM 100 ML/HAZ
      190026406Bismuth std, 10,000ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026407Boron std, 5,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/pk
      190026408Cadmium std, 10,000ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026409Ca std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/pk
      190026410Cesium std, 10,000 ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026411Chrom std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/p
      190026412Cobalt std, 10,000 ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026413Copper ICP std, 10,000ppm, 100mL, haz
      190026414Gold std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/pk
      190026415Iron std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/pk
      190026417Lead std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/pk
      190026418Lithium std, 10,000ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026419Magnsm std, 10,000ppm, 100mL, hazd, 1/p
      190026420Mangn std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/p
      190026421Mercury std, 10,000ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026422Molybdnm std, 10,000ppm, 100mL, 1/p
      190026423Nickel std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL,haz, 1/p
      190026424Phosph std, 10,000 ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026426Potass std, 10,000ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/p
      190026428Selenium std, 10,000ppm, 100mL,haz, 1/p
      190026429Silicon std, 10,000ppm, 100mL, 1/p
      190026430Silver std, 10,000 ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026431Sodium std, 10,000ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/p
      190026432Strontium std, 10,000ppm, 100mL,haz,1/p
      190026433Sulfur std, 10,000 ppm, 100mL, haz, 1/p
      190026435Thallium std, 10,000ppm, 100mL,haz, 1/p
      190026436Tin std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/pk
      190026437Titnm std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, 1/p
      190026439Vanadium std, 10,000ppm, 100mL,haz, 1/p
      190026440Zinc std, 10,000 ppm, 100 mL, haz, 1/pk
      190026441Zirconium std, 10,000ppm, 100mL,haz,1/p
      190026449Yttrium Standard Solution  /Haz
      190029200Quartz Block Insert 9 x 5
      190029201Quartz Block Insert 9 x 8
      190029202Quartz Block Insert 9 X 9.5mm
      190029203Quartz Block Insert 9. x 9.95mm
      190-0331CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.100mm X 1m
      190034200Cert Ref Std for UV Certification to USP
      190-0431CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.020mm X 1m
      190044200Hot Block 25 Well 100 Ml Vials
      190044600Digestion cup polyprop 100 mL 250/pk
      190044700Disposable watch glass, ribbed, 500/pk
      190044800Wire rack for 125 mL digestion cups 1/pk
      190045300TYGON WASTE TUBING CETAC SP 5706
      190045600SAMPLE PROBE M6K 12in. LONG .8MM SP 5797
      190045900Nafion dryer replacement cartridge
      190047900Digestion tubes polyprop. 50 mL, 500/pk
      190048000Filtermate 2 micron PTFE, 100/pk
      190048100Filtermate 0.45 micron PTFE, 100/pk
      190049700Polyprop. tubes 16mm od x 125mm, 1000/pk
      190064200Barbed Y Connectors 1/16in Pk 10
      190064400Tygon Fluoropolymer Trans Tube 0.25in od
      190064500Cesium Buffer Solution - 1 pct HAZ
      190064600Cesium buffer solution-10 pct 500mL/pk
      190064700Yttrium ICP StandardHAZ
      190064800INTF-A Quality Control StandardHAZ
      190064900ICV-7Quality Control StandardHAZ
      190065000QCStd-27 Quality Control StandardHAZ
      190065100ANALT-B Quality Control StandardHAZ
      19091-63000Needles, Fused Silica  6/PK
      19091-8006013cm/5.5inBasket for 6850 Capillary Cols
      19095-10050Fused silica, MESI coat (thin) 1m, .53mm
      191-1311uPAGE-10 Basic kit 3 capillaries
      191-3211uPAGE-3 Basic kit 3 capillaries
      191-5211uPAGE-5 Basic kit 3 capillaries
      19199CGC Installation kit with gas purifier
      19199MInstall Kit for GCs w/out Gas Purifiers
      19199NInstall Kit for GCs w/Gas Purifiers
      19199TGC Installation Tool Kit for 7820
      19199TFGC Installation Tubing Kit for 7820
      192-1311uPAGE-10 Starter kit 3 capillaries
      192-3211uPAGE-3 Starter kit 3 capillaries
      19243-805301/8in Col. adapter,FOR USE W/GLASS LINER
      19243-805401/4in Col adapter, FOR USE W/GLASS LINER
      19244-80540.53mm Col adpater, FOR USE W/GLASS LINER
      19251-00100Wrench for SSL inlet, nut angled
      19251CSplit vent trap 5890 GC (internal)
      192-5211uPAGE-5 Starter kit 3 capillaries
      19256-60700FPD Exit Tube Assembly
      19256-80590Adapter, 1/8in
      19258-20830NUT - TRANSFER LINE
      19258-20870FERRULE, TRANSFER LINE
      19301-00150Nut, wrench thr
      19361-80120Jumper tube 360mm
      196-1002CE, uSIL-DB1, 65cm, 0.05mm, 0.05um, 3/pk
      1970-0216Multiplier, Electron
      200-0010Test Std, DB-1/DB-5 (Microbore/HiTemp)
      200-0032Test Std, DB-FFAP/OV-351 (Capillary)
      200-0070Test Std, DB-WAX (Microbore/Megabore)
      200-0110Test Std, DB-1/DB-5 (Megabore)
      200-0113Test Std, DB-624 (Cap/Mega), 13 peaks
      200-0310Test Std, Specs DB-1/DB-5 (Capillary)
      200-0370Test Std, Specs DB-WAX (Capillary)
      2010017900Emission filter kit, set of 9
      2010041990Round silica window, 12 mm, 5/pk
      2010062590Flat mirror coated 24 x 32 mm, 1/pk
      2010094300Filter certified, holmium glass, 1/pk
      2010094400Filter certified didymium glass, 1/pk
      210131490Assy capillary solenoid psd spare, 1/pk
      210-3003Liner, Splitless, straight, 4x6.3x78.5mm
      210-3003-5Liner, Splitless 4x6.3x78.5mm (5)
      210-4004-5Liner, Focus, 4890-6890, 4mm (5)
      210-4022-5Liner, Focus, Tapered, 4mm (5)
      2140-0549Xenon arc flash lamp for fluor. detector
      2140-0585Deuterium lamp, G1600 CE detector
      2140-0590Deuterium lamp, 1100/1200 DAD/MWD
      2140-0600Flash lamp for G1321A fluorescence det
      2140-0605Deuterium lamp, 8453 UV-vis
      2140-0813Deut. lamp, 1100/1200DAD/MWD lnglife-A
      2140-0820Lamp, 1100/1200 DAD/MWD longlife - C
      2170925500Compression Spring 0.088
      2170925600Compression Spring 0.600
      2170925700Compression Spring 0.360
      218006500Neutral density screen, tested, 1/pk
      220-1170Flowmeter,Volumetric, ADM 1000
      220-1171-EFlowmeter, Mass/VLM, ADM 2000, Euro
      220-1171-UFlowmeter, Mass/VLM, ADM 2000, US
      220-1172-EFlowmeter Reverse Flow, ADM 3000, Euro
      220-1172-UFlowmeter, Reverse Flow, ADM 3000,US
      220-1179Tubing Extender Kit, Flowmeter
      23599813003-DIGIT READOUT, TURNS. (MBG)
      2418004400Target alignment, Cary SRA/DRA, 1/pk
      250-030-DANSepta Silicone, 100 per PK
      2710100100Exhaust Filter,Vacuum Pump DS
      2710100300Exhaust fltr,repl cartridge,1/pk
      2718110600Valve core,4P 350 DEG,1/pk
      2718115300VALVE, SAMPLE INJ, 2-POS, 6 PORT
      2718915300Valve seal repl kit, prime/purge, 1/pk
      2759071000Nitrous oxide heater, 1/pk
      2759085500Inlet fltr, inln, 0.5ul, 1/8in.,OD, 1/p
      2812898600TUBING, POLY, 1/4 OD, BLUE
      2812898800TUBING, POLY, 1/4 OD, GREEN
      2815860001Tubing, PU rd, 1/8X1/16X25 ft,1/pk
      2815860201Tubing, polyurethane,1/8X1/16X25 ft,1/p
      2820001000FTR,NW25 VACUUM CLAMP
      2820074400FLEXIBLE VACUUM TUBING, NW40,72 IN
      2840806400TUBING, PEEK, 1/16ODx.0025ID, 10 FT LG
      28694523011/4IN GRAPH/VES FERRUL PK/10
      28694580010.4MM GRAPHITE/VESPEL FERR 10/PK
      28694581010.5MM GRAPH/POLY FERR /10
      2869459001Ferrule, no hole, 1/16in.OD, 10/pk
      2869463500FRONT FERRULE, 1/16 BRASS
      2869463600BACK FERRULE, 1/16 BRASS
      2884971000Fitting, BARB1/16mm, 10-32 thread, 1/pk
      303-0034Screw 6-32/1/4, Pan, Phil, Int Sim
      3150-0374Filter element
      3150-050910 PTFE Filter membranes, 0.45um, 47 mm
      3150-0559Particle beam frit pack  10/PK
      3150-0576Reg Cellulose filter membrn 47/45 100/PK
      3150-0577LC Solvent filter/degasser assembly
      3150-0942Filter fluid
      3150-0958Solvent inlet filter,PTFE, 10um pore
      3162-0083Wool copper, box
      3162-0110Centering Ring with O-Ring
      325-0506Adapter flow meter - fused silica cap
      3610006200Pre-optics cone-Liberty axial ICP-OES
      3710025400Clear PVC tubing, 1 mm id, 1/pk
      3710026390Tubing VGA-76/77, GLS to abs. cell, 1/pk
      3710026600Tube plastic,  3/32 x 7/32 in., 1/pk
      3710026700TUBE ACID FLEXIBLE 0.051 IN ID
      3710026800VGA tubing acid flexible 0.081in id 1/pk
      3710027200Peri pump tubes, PVC, black/black. 12/pk
      3710027300Peri pump tubes, PVC, purple/black 12/pk
      3710030800PTFE tube for RSA, 0.042mm id. Per m
      3710031500Tubing 1/8in id x 1/4in od x 1/16in wall
      3710031700Tube PTFE 0.088 od x 0.056 id in.Natural
      3710033400Tubing s/chamber-torch 1/4 in id, per m
      3710033900Tubing SM s/chamber-waste 1/16 in id,/m
      3710034000PTFE Tubing, 1.9mm od x 0.3mm id, 1/pk
      3710034400Peri pump tubes, PVC, white/white. 12/pk
      3710034500Peri pump tubes, PVC, grey/grey. 12/pk
      3710034600Peri pump tubes, PVC, blue/blue. 12/pk
      3710034800Peri pump tubes, PVCSolva blk/blk. 12/pk
      3710035000Peri pump tubes, PVCSolva wht/wht. 12/pk
      3710035200Peri pump tubes PVCSolva grey/grey.12/pk
      3710041700Peri pump tubes Viton yel/ye,l 12/pk
      3710041800Peri pump tubes Santoprene yel/yel 12/pk
      3710041900Peri pump tubes Santoprene blk/blk 12/pk
      3710043100Tubing polyurethane 4mm id x 6mm od, 1/m
      3710043500Peri pump tubes Viton, orange/yel. 12/pk
      3710043600Peri pump tubes, Viton, blk/blk. 12/pk
      3710043700Peri pump tubes, Viton, whit/whit. 12/pk
      3710043800Peri pump tubes, Viton, grey/grey. 12/pk
      3710043900Peri pump tubes, Viton, blue/blue. 12/pk
      3710044000Peri pump tube Marprene orng/yellow 6/pk
      3710044100Peri pump tube Marprene black/black 6/pk
      3710044200Peri pump tube Marprene white/white 6/pk
      3710044300Peri pump tube Marprene grey/grey 6/pk
      3710044400Peri pump tube Marprene blue/blue 6/pk
      3710046900Peri pump tubes PVC, orange/white. 12/pk
      3710047000Peri pump tubes PVCSolva purpl/blk 12/pk
      3710049000Peri pump tube 3 bridged grey/grey 12/pk
      3710051100Polypropylene tubes, 16mm od, 125/pk
      3710052000Peri pump tube 3 bridged purple/blk 12/p
      3710052400Capillary tube FEP 0.0625in odx0.02in id
      3710053500Peri pump tubes, Viton, orange/yel. 6/pk
      3710053600Peri pump tubes Viton, black/black. 6/pk
      3710053700Peri pump tubes Viton, white/white. 6/pk
      3710053800Peri pump tubes, Viton, grey/grey. 6/pk
      3710053900Peri pump tubes, Viton, blue/blue 6/pk
      3710058400Sleeve Needle (890-3176)
      3710058600Tube Outlet PTFE (890-2684)
      3710062500Tube,PTFE 1.5mm ID x 10 m
      3710067900Peri pump tubes, Solva, Blue/blue. 12/pk
      3710068000Peri pump tubes, Solva, or/green. 12/pk
      3710068100Peri pump tube Solva or/grn flared, 6/pk
      390596009O-RING BAKED .348 OD
      390812700inject nut,std w/cage,1/pk
      390836101Ferrule,plymd,1/16 in.OD x 0.5mmID,10/p
      390842300Injector nut wrench
      390887700Bottle,clr gls,round,8 oz,1/pk
      391706500Valve,450 air,blk,1/pk
      391706501Valve,60CC,red,H2 +make-up,1/pk
      391708450Reducer nut,1/8 in.,10/pk
      391714600Flow controller,0-100 mL per minute,1/p
      391715750Ferrule washer, 10/pk
      391852721Valve,6 port,220 DEG C,1/pk
      3918832028cm Packed trap, glass bead
      391884511Untested Trap, 30CM, Tenax TA, Carbopac
      391885314TUBING, PEEK, 1/16   OD X .030 ID, YELL
      3918959013800 EFC Pencil Filter, Carrier Line
      392027000Chamber, CAL-GAS, Glas
      392027300GC/MS COLUMN TEST MIX/HAZ
      392027600Aluminum oxide,600 grit,1/pk
      392051800Hose W/ Coil Reinforce;7 FT X 3/ 4 IN.ID
      392538891Fitting kit,cryo option,LC02,1/pk
      3925435011/4 in.to1/8 in. insert -1041 inj., 1/p
      392594492Gas Clean Filter Kit H2/Air 1/8in
      392598001Inlet slv,GWOL,6.5mm x 78.5mm x 4mm,1/p
      392598003Inlet sleeve,glass,single gooseneck,1/p
      392599903Injector liner,splitls,gls wool,2mm,5/p
      392605604Lamp socket,Xenon,9075,1/pk
      392607805BUFFER TUBING 2000UL
      392607957Rotor seal,vspl,for 7739-005,1/pk
      392607958Rotor seal,TEFZEL (ETFE),1.pk
      392609901Merlin microseal SPME kit, 23 gauge,1/p
      392609902Merlin microseal,SPME repl,23GA,1/pk
      392609903Merlin microseal,SPME kit, 1/pk
      392611018Valco loop 50 ul PEEK, 1/pk
      392611019Valco PEEK 250 uL with fittings
      392611020Valco PEEK loop 500 uL with fittings
      392611021Valco PEEK loop 1000 uL with fittings
      392611022Valco PEEK loop 5000 uL with fittings
      392611027Valco Preparative Injection Valve
      392611535Vials,PTFE/sil lnrs,2mL,12mmx32mm,100/p
      392611826Vials, PTFE/Butyl, 2mL,12mmx32mm, 100/p
      392611907Grpht ferl 450C 1/16 ftg to 0.4mmOD co
      392611924Injector lnr,2mmID,6.5mmODx78.5mm L,5/p
      392611940O-rings,graphite, 6.5mmID,6.5mmOD,10/pk
      392611942Injector liner,1mm, 6.3mmx72mm,5/pk
      392611944Inject lnr, w/gls wool for pkd cols,5/p
      393010202SOLENOID VLV 2 WAY with 2pin connector
      393010801Transfer line wrench alignment tool
      393010906VITON O-RING CLEAN 0.176
      393010907VITON O-RING CLEAN 0.237
      393010910BUNA O-RING CLEAN 0.125
      393011391Kit, 2x0-MS Supplies wDS102 oil,NON HAZ
      3930652011pg/ul OFN_5pg/ul BZP
      393065301Octafluoronapthalene std hazd,1/pk
      393112601STD, 4000MS INTERNAL EI and  CI MODES
      393112702TEST STD, 4000MS EXT EI (5pg/uL OFN)
      393113001TEST STD, 4000MS  EXT NCI (1pg uL)
      393210201Tuning solution kit,500 LC/MS,1/pk
      393211901Solution,Turbo-DDS Tuning/HAZ, 3x9mL
      393566301DYS271 DHPLC standard, 1/pk
      393570502Lamp,deuterium,Prostar 330 repl,1/pk
      393570503Lamp,mercury,Prostar 330,repl,1/pk
      393651501Assembly,PWA,MB-Model 218,1/pk
      393728201Resolut ck,Cyclosporin A,LCMS,hazd,1/pk
      393728301NEG ESI, LC/MS,hazd, reqs sp hand,1/pk
      393847701DS-42 OIL MIST ELIMINATOR
      394791400Test sample,refinery gas,hazd,1/pk
      394977002Gas purifier,oxygen filer,1/8 in,1/pk
      394986200Carrier gas fltr,1/pk
      400505Fiehn GC/MS Metabolomics standards kit
      410203900Aperture mask, solid sample holder, 10mm
      410204100Aperture mask, solid sample holder, 1 mm
      410204300Aperture mask, solid sample holder, 5 mm
      410204500Solid sample mounting plate, 1/pk
      4177-0607ProSteel Sleeve
      420-1000Pencil, Diamond Tipped
      4210101500Spacer, Quat Pump Pilston
      430-1020Magnifier, 20X
      430-2000Column Install Kit w/Diamond Tip Pencil
      430-3000Kit, Column Rinse Assembly
      440-1000Kit, Ferrule Tool
      450-1000Septum Tool, Knurled Handle
      460-1002Snoop,1 Gallon
      480-0001Cleaning Kit, Flame Detector
      480-0003Cleaning Kit, Injection Port
      500-1004Ferrule, 0.4mm  VG 0.25 col 10/PK
      500-1005Ferrule, 0.5mm  VG 0.32 col 10/PK
      500-1008Ferrule, 0.8mm  VG 0.45 0.53 col 10/PK
      500-1060Ferrule, 6mm VG Varian 3400 liner 10/PK
      500-1200Resin, Capillary Sealing, 5 grams
      5001-3726Rack for LC system
      5001-3757Decapper head 8mm
      500-2004Ferrule, 0.4mm Graph 0.25 col long 10/PK
      500-2005Ferrule, 0.5mm  Graph .32 col long 10/PK
      500-2008Ferrule, 0.8mm G 0.45-.53 col long 10/PK
      500-2066Ferrule, 6mm Graphite, Dbl Taper 10/PK
      500-2114Ferrule, 0.4mm G 0.05-0.25 col 10/PK
      500-2118Ferrule, 0.8mm G 0.45-0.53 col 10/PK
      5020-8231TUBE, RUBBER
      5020-8292Column nut, Finger tight , cap columns
      5020-8293Column nut, Finger tight 530 um columns
      5020-8294Blanking plug, finger-tight style
      5021-1807Label Attention
      5021-1816Flexible tubing, green, 105mm, 0.17mm id
      5021-1817flex tubing, 150mm, 0.17mm id.
      5021-1818Flex capillary, 0.17x280 mm, no fitting
      5021-1819Flexible tubing, 400 mm, 0.17 mm id.
      5021-1820Flex capillary, 0.12x105mm, no fittings
      5021-1821Flexible tubing, 150 mm 1., 0.12 mm id
      5021-1822Flexible tubing, 280 mm, 0.12 mm id.
      5021-1823Flex tubing, red, 400mm 0.12mm id.
      5021-7107Copper tubing, 1/8" 12 ft length
      5021-7127Poly Tubing
      5021-7133GRAPHPACK standard ferrules
      5021-7134GRAPHPACK-std. ferrules 0.7od/0.53id
      5021-7136GRAPHPACK std. ferrules 0.2 id/0.30 od
      5021-7137GRAPHPACK std. ferrules 0.32 id/0.40 od
      5021-7146GRAPHPACK 2M dual column connector
      5021-7148GRAPHPACK dual column connector
      5021-7164GRAPHPACK connector, 0.53" id
      5021-7166GRAPHPACK connector, 0.32/0.25 id
      5021-7168Graphpack injection port connector, 0.53
      5021-7169Graphpack injection port connector, 0.2"
      5021-7170GRAPHPACK standard injector
      5022-2133High Flow union, SS, no fitting
      5022-2144T-connector,PEEK 1/16in,0.57ul sewpt vol
      5022-2145True ZDV Union
      5022-2154Tefzel Ferrules and SS Lock Rings 10PK
      5022-2155Polypropylene standard Union 1/4.28 10PK
      5022-2156Cell fittings, black (4 short+4 long)/pk
      5022-2157Conical adapter kit for 8453 Sipper 2/pk
      5022-2158PTFE nuts for 1/16 in od tubing. 10/pk
      5022-2165High-Pressure Semi-prep filter 10um
      5022-216610um Stainless Steel frits  10/PK
      5022-2184Union, stand LC flow, no fitting
      5022-2185Replacement SS frit, 0.5 um pore size
      5022-6508Flex capillary, 0.25x280mm no fittings
      5022-6509Flex capillary, 0.5x150mm no fittings
      5022-6510Flex capillary, 0.5x280mm no fitting
      5022-6531Test Tubes, 12 x 100 mm, 250/pk
      5022-6532Test Tube, 16 x 100 mm, 250/pk
      5022-6533Test tubes, 16 x 48 mm, 100/pk
      5022-6534Test tubes, 12 x 48 mm, 100/pk
      5022-6536PEEK fitting long for 1/32" od capillary
      5023-0240Hex driver, 1/4in, slitted
      5023-0271Frit for 1290 Inline Filter, 0.3um, 5/pk
      5023-0282Bit kit for torque wrench
      5023-2254Capillary ST 1000 X 0.12 S/S
      5040-4649Scrw Cap,PTFE/silicone pre-slit bond 500
      5040-4667Ergonomic Manual Crimper for 11mm caps
      5040-4668Ergonomic Manual DeCapper for 11mm caps
      5040-4669Ergonomic Manual Crimper for 20mm caps
      5040-4671Ergonomic Manual DeCapper for 20mm caps
      5040-4681Purple screw caps PTFE/Silicone septa
      5040-4682multipk screw caps 5 colors 250/cs
      5040-4683Light blue screw cap PTFE/Silicone septa
      5041-2171Connector, Cap Column  10/PK
      5041-2172Connector, Cap Col 0.32mm-0.53mm  10/PK
      5041-2173Connector, Cap Col 0.2mm-0.53mm  10/PK
      5041-2174Cap col connector  0.32 to 0.32mm  10/PK
      5041-2175Cap col connector 0.2 to 0.32mm  10/PK
      5041-2176Cap col connector gls pre-fit  10/PK
      5041-2178Cap column connector 0.1mm-0.1mm  10/PK
      5041-2179Cap column splitter for 320u columns
      5042-13371/16in PEEK fittings for 8p valve. 10/pk
      5042-138596 well plates, 0.5ml, PP, 120PK
      5042-138696 Well Plates, 0.5ml, PP 10pk
      5042-1388384 well plates, Polypropylene 30EA/PK
      5042-1389Closing mats for 96 well plates,  50PK
      5042-4769Drainage Tank,Polyethylene,4 liter
      5042-4799Peri pump tube Fluran 3-stop yel/blu 1/p
      5042-6443Back pressure regulator, 100 psi
      5042-645496 Deep well plates, 1.0ml, PP  50/PK
      5042-6458Round bottom glass vial, 30x100mm 100/PK
      5042-6459Round bottom glass vial 25x100mm 100/PK
      5042-6461PEEK tubing OD/ID  1.6/0.13mm, length  5
      5042-6462PEEK Tubing 1/16in, 0.007/0.18mm id, 5m
      5042-6463PEEK tubing 1/16in,0.01in/0.25mm id,5m
      5042-6470Round bottom glass vial, 30x48mm, 100/PK
      5042-6491Snap caps, polyurethane 500/pk
      5042-6500Double winged 2 pc fitting 1/16in, 10/Pk
      5042-850296 Well Plates, 150uL, conical, 25/pk
      5042-8517Adapter, Female, 10-32 to Female 1/4-28
      5042-8518Adapter, male luer to female 1/4-28
      5042-8519Micro T-Connector, PEEK, swept vol 29 nL
      5042-9954Tubing clip
      5042-9967Tubing Clip
      5043-0010Peri pump tube Tygon 2-stop 2.29 mm 12/p
      5043-0221Safety Cap II with 2 ports -NS29/32
      5043-0222Safety caps II with 2 ports - GL 45
      5043-0223Safety cap I with 1 port - GL 45
      5043-0224Safety cap II with 2 stopcocks - GL 45
      5043-0225Safety cap I with 1 stopcock - GL 45
      5043-0226Safety Cap IV 4 ports-1 leak port-GL45
      5043-0227Safety cap IV 4 ports - 1 leak port-S60
      5043-0228Fitting for 2.3mm tube PFA, 5/pk
      5043-0229Fitting for 1.6mm tube PFA , 5/PK
      5043-0230Charcoal filter (48g)
      5043-0231Screw plug 1/8inch, PTFE
      5043-0232Venting valve with 1um PTFE membrane
      5043-0233Screw plug UNF 1/4inch PFA
      5043-0234Thread adapter GL45-GL40, PTFE
      5043-02352 ports collector, PTFE
      5043-02365L waste can GL 45
      5043-023710L waste can S 60
      5043-02383 port collector
      5043-0239Adapter for two 3.2mm tubes
      5043-02425L waste can GL45 with 116405 and 160139
      5043-024310L waste can S60 with 116405 and 160139
      5043-0255Fitting for 3.2 mm tube PFA (6/Pk)
      5043-0272Thread Adapter PTFE,GL45 - GL38
      5043-0277Blank nut long 10-32
      5043-0300Safety Cap I for Prep, GL45
      5043-0403Ring Nut, Gas Clean Filter System
      5043-0828Safety funnel and cover S60, PEHD, cond.
      5043-0829Safety funnel and cover S60, PEHD
      5043-0830Tool for fitting
      5043-0831Space saving waste set,5 Liter, S50
      5043-0832Thread adapter PTFE GL45 to GPI38-23
      5043-0915Mounting tool for fitting
      5060-9077Moisture trap, uncond., 1/8 in. fittings
      5060-9084Cond. moisture trap, mol. Sieve, 1/8 in.
      5060-9096Hydrocarbon trap, 1/8 in. fittings
      5061-3303Fitting, male SS 1/16in,  10/Pk
      5061-33041lex cap startup kit
      5061-3315Capillary kit  0.12mm id capillaries
      5061-3349Micro-Vial Tray
      5061-336110 SST caps 10cm x .17mm id
      5061-336210 SST caps  20cm x .17mm id
      5061-337011mm Al crimp cap PTFE/Rubber sept 500PK
      5061-3384Rectangular cell UV 1 mm 350uL open 1/pk
      5061-3385Rectangular cell UV 2 mm 700uL open 1/pk
      5061-3386Rectangular cell UV 5mm 1.75mL open 1/pk
      5061-3387Rectangular cell UV 10mm 3.5mL open 1/pk
      5061-3391Rectangular cell UV 10mm 700uL open 1/pk
      5061-3392Cylindrical cell UV 100 mm 28 mL 2 port
      5061-3396Flow cell UV 1mm 62uL rect. ap. 1/pk
      5061-3397Flow cell UV 2mm 124uL rect. ap. 1/pk
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